Strange Glitches? Or, Something Else?

Last night Jan 9/13 on Coast at the start of the show the intro music ran an extra -long time, when the host John B Wells finally came on he explained that it was because they were experiencing electronic anomaly. He also talked about how his smart phone went to “No NETWORK SERVICE” so he hit cancel on it and his front facing camera came on, twice. He said that happened before when he was talking to Chase Brandon of the CIA . Last night’s guests were Robert Young Pelton and Stewart Rhodes (Oath Keepers).
I know coast often has problems, but last night seemed different.
I have heard of two or three other people that say they have received cell phone calls (also it shows on the call display) from people, but when they returned the call the person said that they did not call them.

I suppose one could chalk all this up to ‘a glitch in the system’ . I can’t help wondering if there is a person, or an AI doing this? Or both? OR, is it just another made up thing they are saying to keep us wondering , and/or fearful? By our own interest in the conspiracy theories /alternative do we attract these sorts of things? Do these things happen to people that have no interest in, or awareness of the alternative/conspiracy theories? I don’t know the answers but I’m going to keep an eye on this. For now I’m leaning in the direction of something really does seem to be going on, and probably for everyone not just those with interest in conspiracy theories/alternative. That may change.

We do not have cell phones so I do not have personal experience with that, but at least two or three times I have had my pc come out of sleep when I was just thinking about going online. I did not touch it. I was just thinking about it.

I am going to post here in this thread whenever I find these types of things. Feel free to post your own personal experiences, or any you hear about, and/or any thoughts, ideas, explanations, and whatever else here in this thread.


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18 responses to “ELECTRONIC ANOMALIES”

  1. pollyann says :

    I was absolutely thrilled to hear the long version of the Coast Intro Song last night before John B. Wells came on. I did wonder if something was going on but the song was great nonetheless!! The interference makes things more exciting!! Lol!!

  2. pollyann says :

    I forget to mention — I love the picture; it makes me giggle. No, I am not high on anything!!

    • saltyme says :

      Me too. Lol. I didn’t want something too serious looking so I pasted the puppet master in the middle of the eyes. Glad to hear it made you giggle. 🙂

  3. saltyme says :

    Wow! My first like on my new blog. That makes 2 firsts for you Polly.

  4. pollyann says :

    Salty, I love listening to John B. Wells!! I’ve sent him a few complimentary emails. I saw a really groovy picture of him yesterday with shades on and I think he looks like a really cool FBI agent. Lol!! My kinda guy!! Plus, he well remembers the revolutionary energy of the baby boomers when we were youngsters. He’s got a great timbre in his voice, too. One night a while back he was talking about a revolution and he said, “We aren’t doing anything better, are we??” I loved it!!

    • saltyme says :

      I like him too.
      I seen a pic of him sitting in a car with shades on and I thought he looked like someone who works in intelligence. Who knows, maybe he is an FBI agent, or some other kind of intelligence agent. Lol.
      He’s definitely got some smarts!

  5. pollyann says :

    Salty, have you been keeping up with Franz’s new material?? I want to send you something via email but you have to have read his latest articles to understand what I am going to send.

  6. saltyme says :

    A weird evil sounding voice showed up in this show. George said he did not do it but it sounds to me like his voice.

    Several callers and Linda say it was saying something about her book. It mostly sounded like a garble to me but I can imagine it might have been saying something about the book.

    He said he might play it over again Friday, that’s tonight so I’m hoping he’ll fess up.

    The voice starts at about 2 hours 3 minutes in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLC2TeXon_E

    EDIT February 12, 2014. That old link doesn’t work anymore. Here’s one that does.
    The Hidden Truth – January 15 2013

    Do you guys see the Veil of Veronica picture moving? Link http://www.coasttocoastam.com/photo/view/linda-stasi-photos/61154

  7. saltyme.wordpress.com says :

    I don’t see them moving today but I did the night this show aired.

  8. http://tinyurl.com/primgavin26468 says :

    I appreciate it for posting “ELECTRONIC
    ANOMALIES This and That”. I reallymight absolutely be returning
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  9. Salty says :

    Talk about Electronic Anomalies!

    I haven’t been to JK’s site for ages so today I thought I’d go see what’s happening over there.

    I’m not sure whether to believe ‘him’ or not but really strange weird things really do happen so it could be true.

    Check this out “Disconnected Communications & My Weird Encounter” http://johnkettler.com/disconnected-communications-my-encounter/

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