This is a really nice picture of where we live and the view of these mountains is what we see from our balcony.
We live closer to the mountains than shown in the picture, and at street level, so we don’t see the rivers etc.

7 responses to “OUR WINTER VIEW”

  1. Martijn says :

    Beautiful …. it looks like an attractive holiday destination as well.

    The surroundings of the place where I live look a little differently, I guess:

    …. yes indeed, it’s flat over here. lol

  2. saltyme says :

    Hi Martijn, Your comment went for moderation because there was more than one link in it. I seen it there so I approved it before I seen you had posted another one with only one link. Would you like me to delete one of those? The 2nd link in the first post has a clearer picture.

    Many tourists come here year round.
    Yep, it looks pretty flat! But it is very beautiful also, and so velvety green! It looks peaceful there. Is most of Amsterdam as flat as in this pic?

  3. Martijn says :

    Salty, yes, you may remove my second post.

    Actually, I live more to the east of Amsterdam, but both area’s are equally flat! lol That second pic is close to my home. It looks pretty velvety green indeed. Not now though! It has been freezing and also snowing a bit the past days, so a layer of (old) snow is covering the landscape at the moment.
    Shortly after it started freezing it started snowing, which more or less spoiled the ice layer on many parts of the canals and such. The ice layer is rough and unclear on many places.
    The snow that covers the ice layer on mnay places also slows down the ice growth process.

  4. pollyann says :

    That is a stunning, gorgeous, magnificent, breath-taking view of the mountains!! Every day looking out the window at that scene is a Kodak moment.

    • saltyme says :

      Hi Polly, I forgot you replied here. I meant to respond sooner. Sorry!

      It is definitely a nice view but even after all these 30+ years of living here I’ve never really gotten used to the barrenness around here. I was born in Vancouver where the vegetation is lush, and the trees are big, not like these tooth picks around here.

      However in recent years I come to appreciate the beauty of this dry deserty look. The play of shadows on the mountains is quite beautiful sometimes. But I don’t like the heat! I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it.

      • pollyann says :

        The barrenness would disturb me, too. I guess the mountain view could be described as stark beauty. Stunning yet not lush, and temperate lush is what I am used to as well. I would be fascinated with the shadows on the mountain. With all of the snow you’ve been having do you think your spring will be more fecund than usual??

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