The New Pope: What You HAVEN’T Been Told

You can listen to/download this  33 min 52 sec interview with John Hogue now, but it will only be available until late next week when he posts the next interview. Unless you are a subscriber.

John Hogue’s website.

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12 responses to “The New Pope: What You HAVEN’T Been Told”

  1. pollyann says :

    If Pope Francis’ attempts to reform the Vatican results in the eventual destruction of it (going up in prophetic flames), that would be a good thing, imo.

  2. pollyann says :

    Remember what happened to Pope John Paul the first. He was murdered.

  3. pollyann says :

    There was much twitter about the gull which landed on the smoke stack while the cardinals were voting and the relation of a bird to St. Francis of Assisi after Jorge’s choice of the name Francis. Was the gull in disguise, there to sway the vote to Jorge??

    Do you remember the pigeon (wasn’t it a pigeon??) that stopped CERN that time??

    If I have to eat my words at some point, I will, but I still feel Pope Francis to be of a higher order (I intuited this), in disguise, with a mission to dismantle the network of darkness which has been running the Vatican for a very long time. I’m sure the black magicians and disinfo artists went to work on him immediately to try to corrupt and thwart him. It’s very interesting that he asked everyone to pray for him. We’ll see. 🙂

    • Salty says :

      Hi Polly,
      I remember a bird causing problems. I tried to find what kind of bird but couldn’t.
      That happened in 2009! It sure doesn’t seem like it was that long ago!!

      When I first laid eyes on Pope Francis I was surprised. He was so different from Ratzinger.
      The feeling I got from him was of peace, calm, and assuredness. Way different than Ratzinger.
      Pope Francis seemed pleasant and friendly.
      The next surprise was that he is a Jesuit. As I said somewhere else here I thought the Vatican didn’t approve of the Jesuits. Also, I remembered the post last year on the forum about Jesuit Oath.
      Somewhere here you said his energy was clear, that’s the best word to use.
      The bible talks about the whole world being deceived and I’m not so arrogant as to believe that I can’t be deceived.
      Anyway, like you Polly I’m going to wait and see.

      One more thing. Decades ago I met a man that was an Ex Jesuit Priest. He would not tell the reason he left but whatever it was, was such a fierce and terrible thing he became an alcoholic. There was such fear and horror in his eyes just thinking about it, he started shaking so violently his drink spilled and he was hardly even able to put it down. I could feel the terror coming from him.

      This is a long article and I haven’t read all of it.

      From the first paragraph of the article.
      The Jesuit Oath Debunked
      Sometimes one finds himself completely outside the realm of “the possible” and in the strange realm of “where the heck did they come up with this stuff?” The Jesuit Oath is one such example. It is completely ludicrous, and to believe that people actually believe this stuff is simply staggering. The Oath has also been reincarnated in another popular version known as the “Knight of Columbus Oath”. However, we will deal strictly with the two versions of the Oath that are most commonly cited. The first is located in the Library of Congress, the second is located in the Congressional Record.
      Here is the Jesuit Oath I read last year.

  4. Martijn says :

    Agreed, the new pope has a lighter and friendlier presence than the previous one.
    The sniggering and gloating dark presence of pope Benedictus, Ratzinger, was just way over the top, anyway.

    That’s interesting, Salty, your experience with that ex jesuit priest.

    From my perspective, hierarchies and groups like the Catholich Church, Jesuits, freemasons, zionists, and what have you, are just systems in which not everyone is necessary of evil intent – many are likely just suckered in for some reason, and don’t manipulate or don’t have the intention to manipulate anything.

    This whole Catholic puppet theatre is just a lot of nonsense to me, anyway, although their outfits seem pretty comfortable with their loose fits and such.

    • Salty says :

      The ex Priest worked with my ex, he was from Ireland.

      Quote Martijn>>> “ many are likely just suckered in for some reason, and don’t manipulate or don’t have the intention to manipulate anything”

      Thanks for that comment! I wholeheartedly agree and I was going to make a comment about that.

  5. pollyann says :

    Amitakh made a few curious, little statements about the next Pope and the Catholic Church in her article titled, “Miniaturisation of Humans and Animals.” They are in the first paragraph. One has to use the following link and then click on the title once the page opens since she does not allow copying and pasting. The article is #18, March 13, 2013.

    • Salty says :

      Thanks Polly,
      They sure are curious statements, but possibly true.
      I wish I knew what she means by another kind of low-set chimney. Has she mentioned this chimney before?
      The Pit of Hell maybe??

      I’ve never been up to snuff on Amitakh’s material, and I’m way behind on Dassta-ma-kha.

  6. pollyann says :

    I find this to be hysterically funny!!
    “VATICAN CITY — Few people were more shocked at the choice of a Jesuit as pope than the Jesuits.” LOL!!,0,2104186.story

  7. Salty says :

    I’m going to post it.

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