Tomato Plant Growing Inside Mans Stomach!!!

What The Hell !!!

Now I’ve heard everything!!

I’m listening to Coast and there is a man, Fred Lizer, with a Tomato Plant Growing in his Stomach and it might have Tomatoes Growing on it !!! 😯

Click the link to see the x-ray then click the picture to see larger image.


How can this be?? Plants need light. There is no light  inside a stomach!

This must be an April Fools joke.

I will post more about this as soon as I have more info.

**** EDIT April 1/13. Here is the link to the show.
FF to about 8 min 30 sec or  bit more.

There are some other links in comments and I will put future updates there.


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44 responses to “Tomato Plant Growing Inside Mans Stomach!!!”

  1. pollyann says :

    Salty, I heard it, too. I was lying down and I burst out laughing really loud when he said tomato plant. It was spontaneous laughter!! Then I was waiting for George to start laughing and say, “April Fools,” but he didn’t!! LOL!!

  2. Jim Nightshade says :

    Also how can a plant survive stomachs acids has he taken too much prilosec?



  4. Salty says :

    Hi everyone, Thanks for your comments.

    I fell asleep during the show so I don’t know if George admitted to this being a joke or not but I still think it must be.

    I just can’t imagine it being true. It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever heard!

    I just put the link above but here it is again.

    FF to about 8 min 30 sec or so.


  5. Salty says :

    I’m thinking just because it’s possible doesn’t mean that it wasn’t an April Fool joke.

    That is a BIG tomato plant to be growing inside someone and I’m still not convinced this is legit.

    I haven’t closed the door on this though. If it is true that has got to be the biggest plant of any kind that has ever grown inside a body!

    And if it’s true then that guy must be in incredible pain!!

    Here is another link. Google Images.

  6. rosalie says :

    why on earth would the stomach not digest at least the growing tomato’s ? I checked for the photo on the website, but the detail of the plant in the stomach is much to high, it looks very photoshopped — and if it was rooting like that you’d assume it would grow more around into the intestines, instead of that clumb

  7. Salty says :

    I suppose that Coast to Coast will be flooded with emails today with people asking if it was a April Fool joke or not.
    I hope that on tonight’s show George address this.

    • rosalie says :

      haha ^^ Me too, I live in The Netherlands so I’ll have to wait a bit longer

      • Salty says :

        Hi and welcome rosalie from The Netherlands. I am in British Columbia Canada. Martijn, is also from the Netherlands, and the other frequent commenter here is Polly, she is from the USA.

  8. Rick says :

    ‘George Noory is a fool. I just wish they would fire him and bring back Art Bell. George is not a good host and he is a cheap guy who burned his mouth with convenience store frozen food.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Rick, I don’t exactly share your views on George Noory although I have done a few rants about Coast and GN too. However, I prefer not to throw the baby out with the bath water.

      As for Art Bell I haven’t been listening to Coast long enough to say much about it ‘cause he wasn’t there much when I started listening but I know that A Lot of people liked Art Bell better.

      Art is getting old (born 1945) and I don’t think he will ever come back to host C2C. I read somewhere a while ago that he is back in the US now and is enjoying his time with his new family.

  9. PrincessD says :

    I totally heard this last night and was mind boggled… Thought the same thing – how could a tomato plant grow without sunlight!?

    DUH!!! April fools! Just realized this now. Lol good one:)

  10. Anonymous says :

    Plants this nice and large require light.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Anonymous.

      It is a nice plant isn’t it, and actually it’s kinda cute!

      It seems reasonable to me that it needs light. But who knows??? Lots of crazy things happen in this world !

      Like I said above, I’m not closing the door on this one yet. If it’s true there should be more on the internet over the next few days I think. If it’s not true I imagine we won’t hear a thing about it again.

      I really hope GN will fess up or confirms it’s true. Tonight.

  11. Anonymous says :

    Look at the image at 400x magnification. At 400x, you will see image of tomato beginning to pixilate, but the X-ray image still remains smooth. So X-ray image has higher original resolution than the tomato. It is a Photoshop job 🙂

    Yeah, and like Anonymous said, plants require light to grow–and insects to pollinate them. No insects, no pollination, no fruit which is seen in the picture.

    • Salty says :

      Hi. I’ll call you Anonymous 2.

      Good points! Don’t really need insects to pollinate. But right on!

      How would it pollinate inside a stomach? I have no idea.

      Also what I said above to Anonymous.

  12. Salty says :

    This is a capture. Look at that snake thing!

    I don’t think we have anything like that in our body. ??


  13. Salty says :

    I didn’t hear George say anything about this last night. I heard most of the first half but then I fell asleep so he might have said something later on but I doubt it.

    George has several doctors he could have asked about this but he chose to ask Dr Roger Leir, that’s the Dr that removes alien implants, also that snake thing (screen capture in my comment above) in the x-ray says a lot, and what all you sharp eyed commenters said.

    It really is possible for a small plant to grow inside a body, however, I think this is an April Fool joke, BUT, I think George should have fessed up.
    EDIT Link to April 2/13 show. (

  14. Martijn says :

    I think too that this was a joke, Salty.

    I also think that George Noory should fess up here, to keep up the credibility of C2C.
    I mean, after all, it is a broadcast station that already addresses and discusses stuff that often contains obscure information with questionable elements in itself.

    Btw, where and how do you see the ‘snake’ in that image, Salty?

    • Salty says :

      Martijn, look at the screen shot to get an idea of where it is located, then go to the picture of it at Coast and click the image to enlarge it.

      If you still can’t see it let me know and I’ll try something else and be more specific.

  15. Salty says :

    Here it is.

    • Martijn says :

      ….Salty, is that a snake there? :/

      • Salty says :

        Yes. I wondered if it’s the intestine but I don’t think so. What think you?

        • Martijn says :

          I think I cannot discern a snake there…. I see the bone structure and some contrast of colour…. I wouldn’t call it a snake though.

          Polly, what do you see?

          • pollyann says :

            I will have to look again later because I spent some time earlier trying to see what Salty is seeing and I could not.

            • pollyann says :

              Okay, I think I am seeing what you have pointed out, Salty. The shape is darker than the surrounding bone. The back part of the shape is above and horizontal, then the shape comes down on the left with the head at the end and eyes looking somewhat down and towards the right.

          • Salty says :

            Martijn, You must be kidding! Did you look at the picture I put above with the red circle and the yellow arrow pointing towards its head?

            I clearly see what looks like a snake, its body, head, and even eyes.

            • Martijn says :

              It seems like you are equipped with the best snake detector here! lol
              I think I can see now how you discern the snake there. Thanks to Polly’s description.

              Well, perhaps the tomato plant is used merely as a distraction from the real deal here: a SNAKE living inside of the man!!

              • Salty says :

                Man, as in the race of Man, has certainly been displaying a lot of beguiling, hateful, evil, Garden of Eden snake like behavior lately towards one another.


                Polly said >>> “I’ll bet a lot of people/most people have these etheric creature-like shapes in their spines.”

                Polly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they do!
                It looks kind of creepy and with that plant there it reminded me of the Garden of Eden story when I noticed it there.

                • Martijn says :

                  Yes Salty, you’re right. You would almost wonder why Man still wants to procreate.

                  I personally like the gnostic explanation of the error and the aberrant cycles of birth and death and such.

  16. Salty says :

    I’m adding this link here to Polly’s post on her blog “George Noory”.

  17. 3 says :

    Com’on Fred Lizer? fertilizer.

  18. john says :

    plants cannot grow without sunlight,i could hear the laughter under the breath of everyone on the show when they were talking about it.hoax

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