Russia Warns Obama: Global War Over “Bee Apocalypse” Comming Soon

The shocking minutes relating to President Putin’s meeting this past week with US Secretary of State John Kerry reveal the Russian leaders “extreme outrage” over the Obama regimes continued protection of global seed and plant bio-genetic giants Syngenta and Monsanto in the face of a growing “bee apocalypse” that the Kremlin warns “will most certainly” lead to world war.

According to these minutes, released in the Kremlin today by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation (MNRE), Putin was so incensed over the Obama regimes refusal to discuss this grave matter that he refused for three hours to even meet with Kerry, who had traveled to Moscow on a scheduled diplomatic mission, but then relented so as to not cause an even greater rift between these two nations.
The above is only an excerpt from an article at The European Union Times Posted by EU Times on May 10th
To read the full article go to
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8 responses to “Russia Warns Obama: Global War Over “Bee Apocalypse” Comming Soon”

  1. Salty says :

    Discussion about this on Coast starts at the beginning in the news and continues to about 38 minutes.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Martijn,
      In a different thread Martijn says >>>
      Hope Putin isn’t igniting a new world war over Monsanto!

      I don’t want a war either but it is INSANE what is going on!

      An excerpt from the article
      “……………. This MRNE report points out that even though this EC action may appear draconian, it is nevertheless necessary in order to purge the continent from continued contamination of these genetically bred “seed monstrosities.”

      Most perplexing in all of this, the MRNE says, and which led to Putin’s anger at the US, has been the Obama regimes efforts to protect pesticide-producer profits over the catastrophic damaging being done to the environment, and as the Guardian News Service detailed in their 2 May article titled “US rejects EU claim of insecticide as prime reason for bee colony collapse” and which, in part, says:……..”

      Someone needs to put pressure on Obama and the US officials, and I’m glad that Putin and Russian leaders are! 🙂

      If enough pressure is put on them then hopefully they will back down and change their ways.

      These GMO killers have to stop. People, animals, insects, etc, are sick and dying.

      I hardly see anything in Canadian News about what Canada’s position and policies are on GMO’s. I don’t know for sure but I suspect it’s not much different from the US. A few months ago there was a citizens petition to ban GMO’s. I haven’t heard how that turned out but it most likely will Not make much difference.

  2. Martijn says :

    I’m afraid we have no real and substantial influence on the layers above us. We cannot touch that as regular citizens.

    We can type our fingers blue on the internet, write petitions, protest in front of government buildings and such, but the policy makers stay out of our reach.
    It’s all above our heads.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Martijn.

      My 2 cents worth.
      That may be the ultimate truth but what does it say about all of us if we don’t even try?
      There are a lot of things that seem above our heads but do we just sit back and watch the evil and destruction like good little herd animals and make it easy for them?

      Even if that is the ultimate truth we should not just sit back and watch it happen.
      We have a soul to be mindful of lest we lose it, and I Will Not hand my Soul, or my power over to them on a silver platter.
      I Will Not agree with them. I Will Not support them.

      To do nothing, or to just give up, IS giving your soul and power to them.

      No action is agreement.

      I think the direction things are rapidly going in can be changed. If not then at least we tried, and that counts!

      • Martijn says :

        Thanks for the 2 cents, Salty. 🙂

        Even though we might not be able to reach those layers above us, we may be able to make certain efforts to reach ourselves and perhaps some others.

        Just sitting back and being indifferent is not very satisfying, is it. Well, maybe just sitting down and giggle to the world is not so bad after all. lol

        BUT, I think too it is better to make certain efforts in this curious undertaking, called life. I think it’s best when we do care and aim to become free and independent, in its true and original state.

  3. cissyblue says :

    Reblogged this on ephemeral spirit and commented:
    Wow, this really steps things up another notch!

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