Copters pluck families from raging European floods

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3 responses to “Copters pluck families from raging European floods”

  1. Martijn says :

    Yes, the water is rather high here too. The local ferries have been taken out here because of the water being high. It’s pretty rare when that happens.
    It’s still not as bad as parts in the Chech Republic or Germany, fortunately.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Martijn, You must have read my mind! LOL! I was just going to ask you how the weather was there.

      It’s been hot here but the forecast says it’s going to cool down a few degrees.

  2. Martijn says :

    Hey Salty. The weather has been quite nice here the past few days. Today was the first day above 25C this year, which officially means the fiorst summery day of the year. The nights are still quite cool. It’s nice when it’s bit warmer outside and the days are longer. It’s not been hot so far, but who knows what will come. Tomorrow still summery, but then the temps seem to drop again to around 20C according to the forecasts.
    We’ve had a lot of rain (and snow) in Europe though, in May and April, hence the flooding and high water here and there.

    In 2 weeks there is already the longest day of the year, I’m thinking.

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