Is the Father of Paranormal Media Coming out of Retirement? Art Bell Teases Fans With Cryptic Message


Is Art Bell, the undisputed king of paranormal radio broadcasting, returning to the airwaves? Oh dear god, I hope so.
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Btw, tonight is Ian Punnett’s final show on Coast To Coast AM.
Do ya think Art Bell will fill that spot???
Art Bell’s morse code message

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13 responses to “Is the Father of Paranormal Media Coming out of Retirement? Art Bell Teases Fans With Cryptic Message”

  1. kobolila says :

    Check out his twitter feed……
    This is his personal facebook page…..

    • Salty says :

      Thanks kobolila!

      • kobolila says :

        No Problem; Hoping he comes back too.

        I was remembering just the other night listening live when he super glued his lips; I had laughed so hard I almost past out. I loved how in those early days, when he was video streaming, and would talk to the viewers during commercial breaks; show them new toys he had and such. Back then his streaming video was actually individual images, like movie film; if you checked your browsers cache you would find thousands of still images you could look at with a image viewer and watch them like a flip book.

        I’m hoping though that he starts fresh, not return to C2C. After many many years I canceled my streamlink subscription only a month or so ago, not sure I would subscribe again just for him.

        Have a Magical Day.

        • Salty says :

          Hi kobolila,
          Now that I’ve checked into things a bit I don’t think Art Bell is coming back. It looks like a guy named Keith Rowland is doing all this.

          I don’t have a Face Book account so I don’t have access to everything there, but I did some checking and there is no activity at the Face Book link you provided but there is here and here

          Regarding what you said >>> “if you checked your browsers cache you would find thousands of still images you could look at with a image viewer and watch them like a flip book.”
          Thanks for the info but I am not a techie person and have only had a computer and been been online for 3 years, and I have no idea what you mean by “checked your browsers cache” or how to do that. (no need to explain, I probably wouldn’t do that anyway)

          It would be good to hear Art Bell back on the radio but like I said I don’t think he will be. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

          • kobolila says :

            Though hopeful, I too am skeptical; it was only a number of weeks ago that Art stated that he chose not to take either of the two offers he had primarily because his little girl would be starting school this year and he didnt want to miss out spending time with her by working conflicting hours.

            I see that the morse code has been replaced with words now; time will tell.

            Keith Rowland was the webmaster for Art & the old web site when Art was still doing his show. As far as I know Art maintained ownership of the dot com page & Keith uses the dot net page to sell the CDS Art offered containing all the old content from the dot com site before Art shut it down. I have a set somewhere from before the page when dark.

            Considering their close ties in the past it would not surprise me if they are still in contact and perhaps working together on the dot com page.

            I have been following Keiths art bell facebook page & there saw a post pointing out the activity on the ab dot com page, Keith also provided the info on Art’s personal facebook page and twitter page.

            The reason you, or I, would not see any activity on Arts own Facebook page is probably due the privacy settings he has set up and that we are not ‘friended’ by him. You can however, if you have a FB account, choose to ‘follow’ him then, in the event he posts something he wants shared, it will be visible to his followers.


            • Salty says :

              Hi kobolila,
              Thanks for the info. You know way more about Art Bell than I do. I’ve listened to a few YT videos and liked what I heard. Art was hardly ever on Coast when I started listening in 2010.

              I also seen that words are there now.

              Last year, or the year before I read somewhere Art said he was happily retired and content to be spending time with his family. So, as he is in his late 60’s (68?) he probably won’t be doing a show again. However, like you I’m hopeful.

              • kobolila says :

                okay. it is getting interesting: the AB page has changed once more; from what I can tell each letter is a link now to YT video ; each of a song which was part of his usual bumper music or a old show clip……

                • Salty says :

                  Hi kobolila,
                  I don’t see that on his about page, but I do see it on Art Bell . com. Or did you mean the Art Bell page?
                  Thanks for the comment & info.
                  I’m still hopeful that Art is coming back but I just don’t think it’s gonna happen. However, I did see a comment on twitter from July 24 that says “This is not a tease promise.”, and a reply to Art Bell July 21 by albo60s that says “If XM gives you a channel…….”. I’m hoping.


      • kobolila says :

        So, maybe I just missed it before, but I see that the question-mark is a link to youtube and a short clip from the movie “Contact”.

        Any theory’s what to make of it?
        Maybe he has booked a flight on the Virgin Galactic??

        • Salty says :

          Hi kobolila,
          I don’t think that was there before. A flight on Virgin Galactic would be Very Expensive!
          Actually I think Rowland just put that there in the first place as a joke, and is having fun watching everyone wonder what’s going on.
          Or maybe he is just trying to get more people to sign up to his FB page and twitter.

          Just for fun I’ll take a a stab at it anyway. We’re going to make contact with aliens and Art Bell is going to do a live broadcast! LOL!!, 😆

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