‘Extremely unusual’ storm system moving backwards across United States through end of week

In the comments section of this article there are interesting comments connecting dots and linking this bizarre storm to recent happenings in the US.
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3 responses to “‘Extremely unusual’ storm system moving backwards across United States through end of week”

  1. sily says :

    Tonight on our local news our meteorologist, an older man who came from OK, said he had never seen anything like this before in his whole career. NOTHING about the weather surprises anymore. We had so much rain locally recently, in Maryland and DE, that roads were buckling and washing out and some people are still out of their homes. It’s been the wettest June for our area, on record. 10+ rain in some areas, in one day.

  2. pollyann says :

    It’s very bizarre and it’s hard to know what all of this craziness is leading to because it doesn’t stop, it keeps escalating.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Sily and Polly,
      I’ve been thinking that with all the rain, snow, storms, and Horrible weather all over the world that they need to start keeping a closer eye out for things like rail tracks shifting, roads with sinkholes, buckling, and other infrastructure probs. That’s a lot of extra work, and I doubt any place has the money to have people do that.
      Then there is the cost of rebuilding and repairs. I don’t know how long the towns, Provinces, States, Countries, can continue to afford this.
      Where does all the money come from??!!!
      I agree with you guys, nothing surprises anymore, and it is escalating.
      I knew that in many ways we would be in for a wild ride this year.

      This is what Alberta is going to do
      “Alberta municipalities can no longer approve developments in mapped floodways and residents choosing to stay in homes closest to waterways will no longer receive recovery funding in the event of future disasters, the province announced Sunday.

      As well, owners of homes in designated “flood-fringe” areas will have to undertake mitigation measures — examples include erecting berms and flood walls, raising a home on piers, and water-sealing a property — to receive future provincial support.

      The mitigation measures will have to be good enough to ward off a once-in-a-century flood.”

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