78 children missing from Oklahoma Department of Human Services

Kim Baker who formerly worked for the DHS in Oklahoma City commented “I worked for DHS child abuse center in OKC about 30 years ago and I saw corruption then. I had to quit. I went to a state attorney for help because I was 19 and didn’t know where to turn to report the abuse and nothing was done. I had to quit and not be part of it.”

Dana Lawhon from Oklahoma City also Said ” I tried to get someone to listen to me a few months ago when I knew of 2 children who were at the shelter that were taken to school only to disappear while they were there. I kept waiting for it to be on the news about these two children I waited and waited and waited and this is the first sign that I have seen that anybody but me even cared. Why does DHS get so much protection when they either don’t do their job or they break the law? When will the true corruption of DHS finally be exposed?”

…………….. Oddly enough, recently a kidnapper attempted to kidnap a child for human sacrifice for the illuminati while in a stand-off in a Wal-Mart with Colorado police in late June.
The above are only excerpts from an article at Sott by Kristan Harris Cudhaynow.com Thu, 15 Aug 2013 13:38 CDT
To read the full article go to


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