Can you pronounce it??

LOL!! This is a new word for me.

Do you know what it means?

Can you pronounce it?

It has 29 letters.





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11 responses to “Can you pronounce it??”

  1. pollyann says :

    I knew there was a word for that particular phobia but it is not a word I ever would have remembered.

  2. judithrwebster says :

    People please check out my new blog – I launched it today. Follow my blog or like my first post. I’m sharing stories/anecdotes and memories, inspired by words I find. I could really use your help – thank you!! 🙂

  3. Salty says :

    Hi Polly,
    Okay, I was a bit confused before when I seen your comment thinking it was in different post and commented, my mistake.

    Since both links about Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia work I assume you must be talking about judithrwebster.

    Hi judithrwebster.

    Anyway Polly, I went there just after Judith posted her comment here and it was there. I think I seen the word aardvark there. I just went there now and it says it’s no longer available.

    As you can see above Judith says she is going to set up a new blog.

    Polly, thanks for keeping an eye out for me!! I appreciate it. A#135

  4. pollyann says :


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