Massive starfish die-off baffles scientists in British Columbia

……………. “[The starfish] seem to waste away, ‘deflate’ a little, and then just … disintegrate. The arms just detach, and the central disc falls apart. It seems to happen rapidly, and not just dead animals undergoing decomposition, as I observed single arms clinging to the rock faces, tube feet still moving, with the skin split, gills flapping in the current. I’ve seen single animals in the past looking like this, and the first dive this morning I thought it might be crabbers chopping them up and tossing them off the rocks. Then we did our second dive in an area closed to fishing, and in absolutely amazing numbers. The bottom from about 20 to 50 feet [6 to 15 meters] was absolutely littered with arms, oral discs, tube feet, gonads and gills … it was kind of creepy.”……….”
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3 responses to “Massive starfish die-off baffles scientists in British Columbia”

    • Salty says :

      Hi Polly,
      Could be. It might have to do with Fukushima radiation too.
      If I can remember to, I’m going to follow up on this story and will post their test results.
      I didn’t hear any mention of this die-off in MSM.
      John talks about humans and animals both being in trouble in these dangerous times.

      • Salty says :

        This isn’t the test results but I want to note it here.
        “Fisheries and Oceans Canada is worried enough that they’ve asked Martin to go back out and collect samples for them to test in the lab,” Arnold said. “Although the agency has expressed interest in the die-off, Martin says that starfish aren’t a major research priority, and the main burden of investigation and discovery has fallen on him and other divers with an interest in marine ecology.”

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