NASA Scientist Admits Chemtrails!

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One response to “NASA Scientist Admits Chemtrails!”

  1. Martijn says :

    I don’t know what I have to think of that conversation.
    That person didn’t seem to be hesitant to talk about ‘chemtrails’ in this phone conversation, but didn’t provide that much information. You can never be sure about the spontaneity of such information dropping and the actual validity of it, I think.

    It’s still quite a mystery, isn’t it, all this crazy chemtrailing; its exact purpose, its exact methods, how it’s being done and by what/whom, and so on.
    We are still pretty much groping in the dark, also after this short interview, as far as I’m concerned.

    If this person has this information that has been ket secret, then he should openly speak about it and tell in all honesty everything he knows about this subject.

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