A Request for Prayer

My hubby just found a lump.  It’s about 1 1/2 inches in diameter, and seems to be about a 1/2 inch thick. There are other problems too.
Please pray for him. Thank you!

It’s late Saturday night October 26, 2013, we won’t know anything more until Monday after he sees a Doctor. I’ll put updates in comments.
This is a bit overwhelming and I don’t know what else to say right now.

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19 responses to “A Request for Prayer”

  1. Martijn says :

    Salty, that is worrisome news.
    Take care, the two of you.
    Await the investigation, and don’t jump to conclusions.

    Best to your hubby and yourself.

  2. pollyann says :

    Salty, a lump could be just a lump and even if it’s not just a lump please be very careful about making decisions as to what to do. Many years ago my neck developed a lump. After a while I had it looked at via some sort of scan. I would not let anyone remove it or do a biopsy. It went away on its own after a time. It was probably just a swollen lymph node that drained itself. About 16 years ago I discovered a lump on the back of my right shoulder. it’s still there. I never had anyone look at it but checked it with my fingers every so often to see if it was enlarging. Last year someone looked at it clairvoyantly when I asked and all he saw was a bunch of DNA and it had to do with an energy connection to my former husband. Interesting, huh? I’m sharing my experiences because we’ve all been trained by the medical community to imagine the worst and there is no one who has more of a morbid imagination than I do!! 🙂 It’s one of my major mental afflictions that I struggle with on a daily basis!!

    • Salty says :

      Hi Polly,
      Thanks for sharing. That’s IS interesting about a bunch of DNA!
      I’ve had lumps disappear too. It was in the 70’s, I had a row 4 or 5 small pea sized lumps disappear from my neck.

      We thought that it might be a gland or something that might need draining too.
      The thing is hubby has been having other problems for a couple of months now. He thought it might be because he pulled something while exercising and has been waiting for it to clear up.
      Then he started having more pain and discomfort with a very swollen/bloated stomach and bowel problems not being able to go, and pain when he does. Then last night the lump on top of everything else.
      The lump may still be a gland or node needing to drain, and not connected to the other problems. We are not overly fretting over all this but the pain, bloating, and bowel problems have been getting worse over the last couple of months so something is very wrong.
      Maybe he has a hernia. I’m going to look that up later.
      He has had 2 snake dreams in less than a week. In the first dream the snake stuck out it’s tongue out and licked him on the cheek and just barely touched his lips. Then last night there was a queen snake and it smiled at him.
      Maybe they are just ‘pizza dreams’ but I don’t like it one bit!

  3. kobolila says :

    You and yours are in my prayers Salty

  4. Salty says :

    Hubby went to the walk-in clinic. There was a Huge line up! No way he can stand there that long so he came home with out seeing a Dr.

    He says he will try again Wednesday. I don’t like it that he waits!!
    He has something he regularly does every Tuesday. He promised me that if it gets worse he will go tomorrow. I’m keeping my eye on him and if he looks like he’s getting worse I’ll pester him until he does go!!!

    Inguinal hernia.
    We are as sure as we can be that’s what the problem is as his symptoms fit to a T. Hopefully there will not be any other complications that may come with it. He will probably need surgery.
    Those of you who remember things I have said in the past will know that our Great concern is not only the hernia and surgery but things that I have talked about in the past. I do not want to talk about those things again here. So nuff said.

    EDIT Re “nuff said”. To clarify, I mean about those things I said in the past, but feel free to comment about other things here in this thread.


    • Martijn says :

      That’s what you can do with the modern day sources of information like the internet, you can look up more easily yourself what the symptoms might indicate.

      I cannot properly assess the seriousness of such an affection, but maybe it is better your hubby makes an appointment instead of going to a walk-in clinic (polyclinic?)?

      • Salty says :

        Hi Martijn,
        Yep. It’s a bit of a relief to know that an inguinal hernia is most likely what it is. We’re not worrying too much about it being something worse like the big C for example. Still, there could be other problems too but we’ll cross those bridges if we come to them.

        We (hubby and I) do not have family Dr’s so there is no option but to go to a walk-in clinic and wait in line. Maybe it’s different where you live.

  5. kobolila says :

    please do keep us updated.

    • Salty says :

      Hi kobolila,
      I will.
      Hubby is going to the clinic tomorrow morning, Wednesday.

      Did you see my comment above, October 28, 2013 at 12:12 PM?
      We’re pretty sure that’s what it is.

      Depending on how long it takes him to get in see the Dr, it will probably be tomorrow afternoon (Pacific Daylight Time) before I know more.

  6. Salty says :

    Hubby just go home a few minutes ago.
    Amazingly it worked out that he didn’t have to wait too long because several people they called in that were ahead of him weren’t there so he got in!

    The Dr said it’s an Inguinal hernia and he is going to refer hubby to a specialist and that there will probably be quite a long wait to get in to see the specialist.
    He said that if it (the intestine) doesn’t go back in when hubby is resting then that means it is pinched and to go to Emergency immediately as he will need immediate surgery.

    From listening to the News about wait times in B.C. they are are usually 18 to 20 weeks to see a specialist.😦

    • Martijn says :

      So it seems like your own research on the matter was indeed spot on.
      Wait times s*ck, always… So, from what I gather it is now a matter of waiting and keeping an eye on the problem to see if it is not evolving into an Emergency case … that is pretty much putting someone ‘on hold’, isn’t it.

      • Salty says :

        Hi Martijn,
        Right. Wait times SUCK!!!
        If the discomfort and pain increase I’ll make sure he goes back to the Dr but it might not lesson the wait time.

        I just did a post with a couple of links to articles about specialists not being able to get work even though there is a Doctor shortage here.

  7. pollyann says :

    I hope Mr. Hubby is doing okay.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Polly,
      I logged out of my blog early yesterday so I’m didn’t see your comments until now.

      Hubby was in a little better spirits yesterday but still he keeps blaming himself for the hernia saying if only I hadn’t this or that.
      I remind him that it’s not his fault, and that he probably has a predisposition towards these things. He was also diagnosed with a Hiatial hernia in the 90’s and another member of his family also had a Hiatial hernia.
      He is EXTREMELY concerned about those things that I have talked about in the past, but don’t want to talk about now.
      All we can do is hope those things will Not continue, and to cross bridges IF or when we come to them, not before. That’s not an easy thing to do considering the intense goings on previously.

      Maybe it’s different there in the US but here when you see a Dr you are in and out so fast you hardly have a chance to say anything, so when he was there hubby didn’t have a chance to talk to the Dr about the extreme bloating, and the pain at the top of his stomach so he is thinking about going back to the Dr to find out if there is more going on with the Hiatial hernia than before, and how to deal with the bloating etc. So far nothing he has tried doing to reduce the bloating has worked. Perhaps I’ll be able to find some helpful info on the internet.
      Hiatal hernia


      • pollyann says :

        Salty, are you able to put your hands on the areas of distress on your husband’s body and channel healing energy into him?

        • Salty says :

          Hi Polly,
          I’m no healer! But, I have been thinking about that!
          I’m going to try. IF hubby will let me. I’m pretty sure he will, but If he’s depressed, in pain, in a snarly mood etc, that’s no time to ask him so I just have to wait for the right time to broach it to him.

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