Me, Bananas, Huge Spider

Many years ago I was in our local grocery store here in B.C. Canada, I picked up bananas and underneath the bunch I picked up was a HUGE spider!!
I let out a loud yell and jumped back away from it.

The spider crawled to the edge, dropped to the floor and was coming towards me!!!
I jumped out of the way and was walking backward. Before I could turn around and run the guy looking after that part of the store was rushing over looking at me as if to say “What’s wrong!?”
I pointed to the spider, the guy looked at it horrified, and staying as calm as he could he told everyone to leave the store immediately.
As he was doing that I was already running out of the store as fast as I could but as I ran I could hear a few screams behind me.
They eventually caught the spider and no one was hurt.
The article blow reminded me of that.

To read the article go to
World’s deadliest spiders nesting on my banana from Sainsbury’s: Family forced to spend three nights in hotel and have property fumigated after Brazilian species invaded their home


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