End of The World February 22, 2014??

It’s just as likely as any other date, and who knows??
……………. “The legend states that “the first to notice shall be man, brother will fight brother and all the boundaries that exist shall crumble.”
But the sound of the horn is possibly the best indicator yet that the Viking version of the end of the world really will happen on 22 February next year.” ………. (strange sounds)
The above is only an excerpt to read the full article go to
End of the world in less than 100 days according to Viking mythology
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One response to “End of The World February 22, 2014??”

  1. Salty says :

    If I’m remembering correctly D & M give credence to Viking mythology.
    I don’t have time to re-listen to this now but in Alex Collier’s most recent video the first part is James McCanney talking about the local fluff cloud (Interstellar Cloud).
    Anyway, I don’t remember what all is in this video but it may relate in some way to this myth, or it may not, I don’t have time to figure that out right now.
    2013-02-20 Ever Beyond Special with Alex Collier. Published on Feb 20, 2013


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