Clearing Ama and Eliminating Toxins

A long time ago I read about using hot water to clear Ama which is a thick sticky substance.
It’s amazing!!!
For about a week now instead of having a cup of tea first thing every morning I have a cup of hot water. I drink it down as quickly, and as hot as I comfortably can.
I have breathing problems, and right away I noticed hot water loosens things up way better, and faster than tea or coffee.
If you cough anything up don’t swallow those toxins again!! Spit it out!

Drinking hot water has so many benefits!
What I have noticed so far is that I’m wide awake before I even finish drinking it, my digestion has improved Greatly, I feel much less tired during the day, and I have a more restful sleep at night.
I drink a cup of hot water 3 – 4 times per day. I still have my tea every day but not until after I have my cup of hot water.
There are many articles that say to add lemon to the morning water. I don’t. Other articles say to drink herb tea instead of the hot water.
Personally I prefer to drink just plain hot water for my first and last cup of the day.
I wish I could find the same article I read ages ago but I can’t, however, you can find many articles by doing a search.
Here is an article, not the same one I read ages ago but it’s okay.
More info in Google search >>>


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