WOW!!! – Kesh Foundation Announcement January 1, 2014

WOW!! If all that Mr. Keshe says really happens then….. WOO-HOO!!!!
To read his promises and program for 2014 go to
EDIT January 6, 2014. Go to >>>
**EDIT UPDATE January 30 2014. Go to


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2 responses to “WOW!!! – Kesh Foundation Announcement January 1, 2014”

  1. QuestionEverything says :

    You need a giant rock of salt for this one. Keshe’s great breakthroughs will always happen a few month in the future. He had his greatest successes in the second half of 2012, when everyone was waiting for his world-changing technology release on September 21st, the great technology demonstration in front of thousands of people on December 14th, and the delivery of his “3-4kW generators” in December. What followed were delays, cancellations, cheap excuses … nothing more than hot air. 2013 didn’t get any better. Since Keshe entered the world scene as technology guru in 2005, there has to this day never been any even remotely credible demonstration of any “Keshe technology” (that can’t be easily explained based on conventional science). The simple reason is that his theories are nonsense and his “technology” exists only in his fantasies.

    Keshe is not a “Dr.”, as some people try to spread (he never claimed that himself). His university (Queen Mary University in London) confirmed that he has nothing more than a bachelor degree in nuclear engineering. He has never published a single article in any recognized scientific publication.

    Read an extensive facts collection about Keshe here:

    Read the sad history of his “3-4kW generators” (for which about 150 people paid 500 EUR deposit) here:

    Read also this compilation concerning the psychological background (Keshe claiming to be a prophet, to be omniscient, that his personal job “is the unification of all the races in the universe”, etc.):

    • Salty says :

      Hi QuestionEverything,
      Thanks for commenting! There is a one link limit so your comment went for moderation, that’s why it didn’t show up right away.
      LOL! Yep, a giant rock of salt! I don’t follow Keshe closely but I also have noticed the delays and excuses.
      I really wish it were true though, and all those things happened this year.
      Thanks for the links! I’ll check them out later.

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