MIND: What is it?? REAL LIFE in the Physical: What is it?? … Edgar Cayce Answers

Did you ever wonder what exactly your mind is?
What real life is in this material or physical plane?
Edgar Cayce answers those questions. And much more!

For more Edgar Cayce tidbits here on this blog, click the last link below.
I find the entire article interesting and I also put a comment in Tidbits about another interesting thing Cayce says in this article. But if you want to go straight to the answers for the above questions they are in READING 3744-2..
To read the article and get answers go to
3744 Readings: Psychic Phenomena Through the Subliminal.
Tidbits from Edgar Cayce https://saltyme.wordpress.com/tidbits-from-the-edgar-cayce-material/

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