Very Interesting Information!! From a Former Light Worker

I just discovered this site and I find what this man has to say both informative, and worth considering.
All I have read at this website so far is at the link below and I don’t know anything else about this man.
I’m going to be checking things out more in the future.
He also has Podcasts available at his site.
Here’s the link

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One response to “Very Interesting Information!! From a Former Light Worker”

  1. Salty says :

    I still haven’t looked into his work further yet, but I do find what this man says interesting, and ‘some’ of it clicks with me.

    While reading this article yesterday one of the things that stood out to me was something that I have not done for quite a while.

    He talks about revoking “ALL agreements made with any and all beings that did not have my best interests in mind, no matter WHO the beings were or claimed to be”

    I’ve know about doing that for years, and I have done that many times before but never sensed anything much at the time, and I didn’t notice any difference from the way things were before I revoked everything.

    Last night was different!!!

    The past few days have been Very Stressful, one thing after another. Earlier in the evening to relieve the angst and stress I tried listening to my favorite Binaurl beats, Isochronic tones, Hemi Sync etc but it didn’t help much.

    When I revoked I said what it says above and added a few words of my own that I always like to say.

    Just a few seconds after I said that, a beautiful, gentle, peaceful, soothing calmness swept through me, washing all the stress and angst out.
    It felt So Good!!!! A#135

    I wondered why it was so different this time.
    I pondered that, and I’m not 100% certain, but I think it has to do with something else I’ve been looking into for the past few days now.

    I would have Never thought, that I would Ever, seriously, look into anything that was channeled by anyone!
    I just don’t trust channeled material.
    Wynn Free was a guest on Coast last week, I listened to the interview and the next day I went to his website and ended up downloading his free book.

    I found that I Strongly resonate with ‘some’ of that material. Then I listened to his Sunday online session and I did sense a pleasant shift in energies.

    So, I think this time when I revoked agreements it might have worked because of help from the group Wynn is involved with, and his friend Terry channels.

    If anyone reading this is interested in looking into Wynn’s material the link is below. You have to scroll down and you will see a link to continue to the site.

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