Forget global warming, worry about the MAGNETOSPHERE: Earth’s magnetic field is collapsing and it could affect the climate and wipe out power grids

In addition to the article link I have included a 2nd link to a video of last night’s guest on Coast, David Sereda.
A Very interesting interview! He covers a lot of territory in many areas, not just about  Earth’s magnetic field collapsing. One thing he says is that a guy from England has now recorded  the  Earth’s magnetic North Pole migration is drifting at 160 (mph or km?) just from 2012 – 2013.
You can read about last night’s show but it’s always best to listen to the interview as not everything is included in the description at Coast. 3rd link below.
To read the article go to
* Video (
To read at Coast, type or copy & paste to your browser.
Climate & Earth Changes/ Transhumanism Date: 01-28-14.
* C&P this
*** As of right now the video uploader has the wrong date for this Coast show. Maybe he will correct that later.

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