John B Wells Leaves Coast To Coast Am

EDIT February 7, 2014. For the most recent go to
“New! – More on John B Wells Leaves Coast To Coast AM —– An Exclusive Interview with John B Wells and an Article”

I’m sorry to see him go!!
George Noory said he has left to do his own show.

You can listen to George’s announcement at the end of last nights show. FF to about 2 hr 30 min.
John’s website

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8 responses to “John B Wells Leaves Coast To Coast Am”

  1. pollyann says :

    Boo Hoo! 😦
    His website is offline right now, for me at least, with IE. Chrome, too. Maybe it is being worked on or it got too much traffic and crashed. It happens.

  2. pollyann says :

    I figured it was someone at Premier that did not care for John’s shows. Salty, feel free to clean up the spacing on this newsletter from John I am posting if need be.

    CTM February Newsletter

    Make Ready For What’s To Come


    01 February 2014

    Greetings, Fellow Traveler,

    This is our first News Letter and it’s the first time I’ve written one. Ever.

    In upcoming editions, there will be content different from that contained in this one.

    And while portions of the world burn, the seas become more poisoned by the day, the UFO’s are buzzing around as if their presence is generally accepted as normal, and the Government continues to be a nightmare and a circus, I feel compelled to launch this piece of data first.

    The news I received by telephone on Tuesday 28 January 2014 changed everything in this camp, even as it came as no real surprise. The timing as it turns out, was perfect. Although it was a bit like hearing the General Quarters alarm sound in the middle of otherwise sound sleep!

    After months of resistance to certain features, topics and guests coming on the Bridge, I began to sense that Cassius was about to make his play. And he did. By proxy.

    The voice of the High Priestess at Premiere Radio Networks was soft as she gently informed me that Coast To Coast AM was “going in a different direction on Saturday nights”.

    I want you to know how deeply you have all touched me, including those who did not care for my particular style nor my aversion to socialism, but listened anyway, because they are part of the play as well. The deep nights with you, wherever you may have been; by a fire, on the road, at some fabulous plant creating masterpieces of technology through the night, sharing ideas while playing snippets of what I consider to be great music, dealing with the excellent crew at L.A. Command. It was magic. And a dream come true to have been a member of the C2C family for these two, quickly passing years, after having been a fan for the better part of a couple of decades.

    Command may have believed that I was taking too many risks, and hence, was altering the character of the program. But just so you know, the listening audience on Saturday nights was equal to and sometimes greater than the entire five day week, according to information I only recently received.

    In fact, I received it just last night. One would think this was a good thing, but not to all concerned.

    But it doesn’t matter. We generally claim to want change, but sometimes I think we really don’t. Irrespective, it has come anyway. And the landscape of our new endeavor definitely changed. Again, just so you know, the ‘new endeavor’ was not planned as a departure mechanism from C2C, but as a forum wherein I could do more, absent any addition slots on C2C.


    At first we offered a year’s subscription for 50.00, thinking in terms of a calender year, we launching in February and therefore presenting ten months of programs instead of twelve. But, not realizing that as this would be a recurring charge the question would be raised, how exactly this discount is to be applied. Our solution is to mail a refund check to those who became members, or to offer a ‘coupon’ redeemable toward any purchase of items in the Caravan stores. We will do whatever it takes to make our members know that we intend to make everything transparent to them.

    And, in case you’re wondering, we will make the program available for download in the near future, and we are exploring the creation of a smart-phone ‘app’, and of course, CTM members will have access to the complete archive of programs as they are created.

    When the came the news of my departure from C2C, the inboxes became flooded with requests for an alternate payment schedule, as so many listeners are on disability, Social Security or have lost their jobs and are now on Unemployment.

    I pondered this for awhile, wondering if to offer quarterly or semi-annual schedules would offend those who took the plunge and paid it all before we even launched the program. I came to the conclusion that it would not be offensive as long as we demonstrated our complete willingness to satisfy those first members. So, as this year goes by, we will offer specials and extras, which we believe the First Wave will enjoy, and then pass these specials and extras on to those who joined after the launch date in the months ahead. Those who joined in December 2013 will receive either a 10.00 USD refund check or a 15.00 USD coupon to the stores. Those who joined in January 2014 get either 5.00 USD refund check or a 10.00 USD coupon. This way, no one is left out and all are treated fairly. We welcome your comments and any new ideas. Because we are all in this together. And those not riding toward the front of the Caravan Line must be treated as well as those closer to the point.

    All of the CTM brand merchandise is not yet loaded onto the site. Obviously, a coupon of a small denomination isn’t that exciting when applied to a Mazur Geiger Counter or a (fantastic) Berkey water purifier. But it does make acquisition of goodies like our long and short sleeved T-shirts, ball caps, keychains, mouse pads and mugs (for your ‘proper cup of tea’) somewhat enticing.

    We feel certain that the products in the CTM stores: the excellent Berkey systems which remove fluoride to near undetectable levels from your water, the fabrics that shield you from EMF and the meters that detect it, the Stetzer filters that clean up your dirty electric circuits, and the Mazur Geiger Counters which detect the onslaught of ionizing radiation coming our way from the disaster zone in Japan, will immediately help to improve your quality of life, as they have ours. We use all of these things in our homes and offices.

    All of that stated, I/we did not expect the response we received. The website has been crashed repeatedly and there are glitches in the migration to a fully dedicated, very large server.

    So if you are experiencing difficulty, we apologize for the inconvenience and please know we are expending all energy and attention to correcting these issues.

    Now, there is something else which I want to address: the need for a subscription service.

    Back in the 1980’s, I was the announcer/story narrator for a television program titled “Guilty Or Innocent”, hosted by the famous trial lawyer Melvin Belli. The production staff thought it would be fun to have me, a former Rock and Roll radio DJ, to play the role of, yes… a rock and roll DJ.

    In the vignette, this DJ had broadcast instructions to chase down the Station Van and secure some highly prized tickets to a high line concert event. An overly zealous listener, with marginal driving skills apparently, crashed their car while pursuing the Station van and caused a fatality. So, our story was about the culpability and legal liability of the DJ and Station.

    I have applied this fictitious story to CTM. The information that will be provided is not suitable for broadcasting over the free airwaves for exactly the same reason this vignette was created. If someone takes the information and twists off in a wrong direction, I do not want myself or any member of my crew to be held responsible for it. It was difficult enough to get the persons and stories onto C2C. We must never forget what happened to captain Phillip Marshall and Michael Hastings, the intrepid journalist. Dr. Jim Garrow, who came onto the Saturday night edition of C2C, survived an attempt on his life a few days after our interview on air. When you join CTM, you are a member of a private organization. And it is my hope that you will not just spend your money with us for a subscription, but take the information CTM provides and use it to challenge and ultimately change our system of governance and our social structure for the betterment of all of our fellow citizens.

    There are six in the crew plus myself. I call them the Lost Angels. They have worked doggedly, tirelessly and brilliantly, without compensation, to get this program online. It is my sincere belief that all of this, from my being allowed to join C2C and having been directed to it, to this labour of love called Caravan To Midnight, was orchestrated by The Great One, upon Whom I place an unshakable trust, and to Whose voice I try to keep my ears keenly tuned.

    It is my hope that you will enjoy and find value in CTM. Let me know if you do or do not.

    May you be Blessed as we all-

    Make Ready For What’s To Come.

    With Highest Regards,

    John B. Wells



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    Our mailing address is:

    Caravan To Midnight

    P.O. Box 141288
    Dallas, TX 75214

    • pollyann says :

      The spacing looks OK now that I see it posted.

      • Salty says :

        Tons of Thanks Polly!! A#135 A#135 A#135
        Re “I figured it was someone at Premier that did not care for John’s shows.”
        Me too!!!

        Perhaps John B was too good a host. ? Too much truth coming out. ? Too much political stuff on his shows. ?

        One more thing. G N said they were going back to the more traditional stuff, paranormal shows.

        I should check something first. I might not get to that for quite a while.

        I’m going by my memory of something with one of his shows, and my memory is not perfect!
        But here it is anyway.
        I think they set John up for failure, But! He didn’t fail!!! LOL!!!

        Like I said I have to check it out first to make sure both things were in the same show.

        Quote John > “The voice of the High Priestess at Premiere Radio Networks”
        I think I know who he means and if I’m right about the set up then she’s the one that did it.
        Probably at the request of someone else. ?

    • pollyann says :

      I must add that it is very possible Premier Radio was **warned** to nicely get rid of John. I don’t have to explain that comment.

      • Salty says :


        Re >>> “I must add that it is very possible Premier Radio was **warned** to nicely get rid of John.

        Re what I said above >>> “One more thing. G N said they were going back to the more traditional stuff, paranormal shows.

        There is the push lately with the demonic, satanic, paranormal stuff going on everywhere.

        The Top Dogs at Premier Radio are more than willing to make sure Coast is part of that push. ? Or, Must comply. ?

        • Salty says :

          Hey Polly,
          I just remembered something I put in my collection (Jan.).
          Now that they are easy to find I will be better able learn how to interpret things by going back to see if they might be related to current happenings. Connect some dots and figure out some of my “I don’t know”(s)!! Hopefully, eventually there won’t be so many “I don’t know”(s).

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