Mercury Retrograde Madness! Symptoms are Through the Roof!!!

A#175 tearing-hair
I hope Mercury retrograde isn’t affecting the rest of you as severely as it is me this time around!
That smiley up there only comes close to how I’ve felt for the last several days!!!
My Mercury retrograde symptoms are Through the Roof like Never before!!!!
Today for example I could not keep it in my head that today is Wednesday! For some reason even though I know better, I keep thinking it’s Sunday to the point of looking at the TV at least a couple of times and wondering why they don’t have their usual Sunday TV shows on!

It’s not just me. Mercury retrograde has messed up my husband’s head too!
This afternoon during a conversation we were having I said to him “It’s Sunday today” he said “No it isn’t! It’s Friday.

He was 2 days ahead, and I, 3 days behind.
Once he realized that it really is Wednesday he had to go back and correct dates he had recorded yesterday on a reminder note to himself as the 4th & 5th of Feb., to the 3rd & 4th of Feb.

These retro Mercury symptoms are Really Bad this time around!!!
It’s really messing up my head!! And more! Going to bed, covering up my head, and staying there until the beginning of April sounds like a good plan to me right now!

Below is a link to Mercury Retrograde for February 2014. Scroll down a bit.

There is a lot of information on the internet about Mercury Retrograde, how it affects us, and things to watch out for etc., and it’s easy to find using your favorite search engine.

A#175 tearing-hair

4 responses to “Mercury Retrograde Madness! Symptoms are Through the Roof!!!”

  1. pollyann says :

    I’ve had a few occasions to laugh at myself so far, just some dumb mistakes. I like the emoticon. She is a cutie!

    • Salty says :

      Hi Polly,
      It has been really bad for the last few days! Not being able to stay oriented in the now yesterday was terrible!
      If you would have been here and seen hubby and I yesterday ‘discussing’ what day of the week it was, you would have had a good belly laugh. After we figured it out we did too!
      My nerves were fried! I get hives from vitamin B complex, probably from the B3 (niacin) but I took one anyway and it seemed to help.
      Here’s to a better day today. Cheers!

      • pollyann says :

        I most certainly would have found you and your husband comical while you were trying to figure out what day it was! Well, it makes sense about not being able to find “now” yesterday because retrogrades are always about going back over the so-called past. If there are many overlays of now and past in one’s experience, things could become quite disorienting! Also, If one has a strong affliction regarding the planet Mercury, for example, that affliction energy will be triggered.

        • Salty says :

          Would you mind if I c & p your comment in February in my Experiences Page?
          Or, and if you don’t mind me C & Ping it there then, better yet, would you mind C & Ping it there in February?
          I like your insights and to have it in February would be a great ‘at a glance’ reminder of that. Things for me to ponder.

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