New! – More on John B Wells Leaves Coast To Coast AM —– An Exclusive Interview with John B Wells and an Article

EDIT February 8, 2014. John was interviewed after he left Coast. Look in the comments below for the links to those interviews.

There are several links below.

Dave Hodges interviewed John B Wells. Below are links to the interview, and the article. Also there are more links below.

I’m including 2 links to the same article, one on John’s site, (black background), and the one on Dave Hodges site, (white background).

John’s site.
Dave’s site
“John B. Wells Fired for Being Too Popular and Truthful: An Exclusive Interview”
The interview can be found here
My previous Post here on my blog from Jan 31/14
“John B Wells Leaves Coast To Coast AM”
Also I’m putting this link here to Polly’s Blog. She Posted the article John B Wells wrote where he talks about leaving Coast To Coast AM.


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5 responses to “New! – More on John B Wells Leaves Coast To Coast AM —– An Exclusive Interview with John B Wells and an Article”

  1. Salty says :

    Here are links to the interviews that are after he left Coast To Coast A M, and also a link to John B’s YT channel.

    Hagmann and Hagmann Report – February 1 2014 – John B Wells New Radio Show

    Sean David Morton / John B Wells – 30 Jan 2014

    John B and his Plan B

    John B Wells You Tube Channel

  2. Anon says :

    Given the increasingly WATERED-DOWN CONTENT on C2C, since George Noory took over from Art Bell, as Host of C2C, it seems that Clear Channel and/or George Noory has, or have decided to go in a “different direction” – just as they stated. What this means, is that C2C ISN’T INTERESTED, apparently, in the content which John B. Wells provided, in his Saturday Night (C2C) Shows – because it CERTAINLY WASN’T JOHN B. WELLS’ RATINGS, that got him fired, because his ratings were BETTER THAN GEORGE NOORY’S !!! It’s just SO OBVIOUS, that either Clear Channel made a CORPORATE DECISION, to get rid of the guy, that has higher ratings than George Noory, because his shows were waking people up to the TRUTH, on any number of “controversial” issues, or George Noory figured out a way to get rid of John B. Wells, because he was becoming upset, that John B. was a BETTER INTERVIEWER, AND A BETTER HOST, than ol’ Georgy-boy, himself – or both reasons were involved.

  3. Kaye says :

    Did you read this regarding John B. Wells:


    ” Top-rated Host of Top Talk Show Fired — Staff and higher-ups objected to me talking about Fukushima — “I mentioned Fukushima every chance I got” despite that ”

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