Jupiter’s 528Hz Connection (Solfeggio & binaural beats)

I love this one!!! It’s one of my favorites.
The excerpt below is from under the YT video. There is Much more info in Show more under the video. The links to a playlist and her site are below.
The sound of Jupiter’s Electromagnetic voices with gamalon music and pure Solfeggio tones 396Hz, 528 Hz, 639Hz, 741Hz, & 852 Hz. Background syntersizer interactions blend with the sound of Jujpiters electromagnetic particles from the solar winds. This music also contains unison therapys Alpha brainwave entrainment at a rhythm of 8Hz; at a phantom Solfeggio tone of 174Hz. To feel an extra spacey meditation effect; listen with stereo headphones.
The Solfeggio frequencies; are from an ancient musical scale used in ancient music, chants and ceremonies. The Solfeggio tones were believed to enable spiritual blessings and transformation when played or sung in harmony.
* http://unisonicascension.com/solfeggio/
* (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAubup-PjIw&list=PL3D24D42D31CCA44B&index=2)


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