Projecting Energy Toward a Ghost Helps Them Manifest and Dr. Richard Ireland in His Day said to be the New Edgar Cayce

The following excerpt is from The Xpeditions Newsletter. The links to Jerry Wills and Dr Richard Ireland’s websites are below.
Aside from the technical aspect you also employ techniques learned from previous classes. Did you know projecting energy toward a “ghost” helps them manifest? This is not a well known or discussed aspect of ghost hunting. Why? Because of the fear involved with bringing ectoplasm into play when attempting spiritual communication. It is a largely forgotten aspect of spiritual mediumship, and feared by many who know about it.

Though it might sound like a fringe science experiment I can attest the value in using a technique of this sort. During the early years of spiritualism mediums would attempt energy projection toward “spirits” to assist their manifestation. A few were quite good at it. One remarkable man who was exceptional was a friend of mine many years ago, Dr. Richard Ireland. Not only was it possible, it was startling to those in the seance. I’ll tell more about those events during class… and yes, it will be included on the video.
Jerry Wills websites.
Dr. Richard Ireland. There are several videos on his site.
To find more Jerry Wills on this blog type “Jerry Wills” in search,  and then also be sure to look at the links in those Posts.


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