Huge 8.0 Earthquake in Chile!

It just happened about 30 minutes ago. I heard there has been a Tsunami warning issued.
Live Earthquakes Map
EDIT Here’s more.
“Tsunami warning issued for Latin America
A tsunami warning has been issued after a magnitude-8 earthquake struck off the coast of Chile.

The huge tremor has put all of Latin America’s Pacific Coast on tsunami alert, the US Geological Survey confirmed.

The quake hit 53 miles (86km) northwest of the mining town of Iquique on Tuesday night.

It occurred just 6.2 miles (10 km) below the seabed – making it feel even more powerful.

It is unknown whether a tsunami has been sparked, but officials believe it is likely.”
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2 responses to “Huge 8.0 Earthquake in Chile!”

  1. pollyann says :

    I felt the pressure building since the recent L.A. series. I felt unusually depressed today about nothing in particular and that could have been why. I felt a bigger one coming for the last two days, wasn’t sure where, but felt it would be located in the Pacific area, our side of the world; more western North American Pacific so I was off on that part.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Polly,
      I felt an EQ would happen too. I haven’t been feeling too chipper myself for a few days now.
      On TV news they said the EQ’s been upgraded to 8.2 and the tsunami waves from 6 ft to 7 ft.
      There have been more small EQ’s in Oklahoma too, and lots of aftershocks in California.

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