NO! Yellowstone is NOT on the Verge of Erupting!! Says Steve Quayle

I listened to Coast To Coast AM live last night and I heard him say that. I re-listened to the show earlier this morning on YT, and guess what??
That part of the show where Steve talks about Yellowstone has been edited out!
Also, I find it interesting that Coast does Not include what he said about Yellowstone in their recap of the show!
Hummm. What’s up with that??
I guess they just don’t want to propagate the idea that Yellowstone is Not on the verge of erupting. ?

Steve was very forceful while talking about it and said that the buffalo shown in a video running away from Yellowstone is something they normally do every year. He said that he lives near Yellowstone and has not seen any signs of it erupting and if he does he’ll be the first one to say so.
I was going to put the link to the YT video I listened to this am but it has been removed. If I find it elsewhere I’ll put a link here.
Here is the link to Coast’s recap of the show.
Link to the YT video of the buffalo.


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