David Wilcock Interviewed by Jimmy Church

I don’t follow David Wilcock and rarely listen to his stuff, so for me this interview was interesting.
He talked about several things I haven’t head him talk about before. The description of the show is below under the video.

They talk about more than this but here is what’s under the YT video in ‘Show more’.
Published on May 2, 2014
David Wilcock is the guest and we go through why he writes his dreams down every morning, Edgar Cayce, prophecy, MH370, who is really running things today and what it means to us all and the immediate future…and we talk a little guitar, too.


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One response to “David Wilcock Interviewed by Jimmy Church”

  1. Salty says :

    This is another recent interview Jimmy Church did with Wynn Free.
    Ep.60 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Wynn Free Channeling LIVE on air


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