Prevent Online Tracking: What You can Do

This is a vast subject and I sure don’t know that much about it but I happened upon this article and it looks like as good a place to start as any if you care about not being tracked online, and like me you’re not very knowledgeable about it yet.
The link to the article is below but first here’s my own 2 cents worth.
Delete your cash & cookies often. Check your browser setting as it has many options, for one example you may have a choice of deleting in the past hour, today, or everything.
As far as I know all browsers have a ‘Do Not Track’ option. They talk about this in the article but I read elsewhere that it’s up to the site you visit to honor that, so, imo deleting your history after visiting a website is best.
If any of you reading this have links to more information about online tracking, or what one can do to stop it, please feel free share that in comments below.
Here’s the link to the article


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