Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

A#261 A#261
T’was the night of Thanksgiving, But I just couldn’t sleep.
I tried counting backwards, I tried counting sheep.
The leftovers beckoned, The dark meat and white.
But I fought the temptation, With all of my might.
Tossing and turning, with anticipation.
The thought of a snack became infatuation.
So I raced to the kitchen, Flung open the door,
And gazed at the fridge, Full of goodies galore.
I gobbled up turkey, And buttered potatoes,
Pickles and carrots, Beans and tomatoes.
I felt myself swelling, So plump and so round.
‘til all of a sudden, I rose off the ground.
I crashed through the ceiling, Floating into the sky,
With a mouthful of pudding, And a handful of pie.
But I managed to yell As I soared past the trees
Happy eating to all, Pass the cranberries, please!!
May your stuffing be tasty May your turkey be plump.
May your potatoes and gravy Have nary a lump.
May your yams be delicious, May your pies take the prize
And May your Thanksgiving dinner Stay off of your thighs!
(I don’t know who the author is) 



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