Yes, You Can Change Your Soul Contract

Mark Allen Frost was the guest on Coast To Coast AM. He says Seth speaks through him and after a while people were invited to call in and ask Seth questions. One of the callers asked if you could change your Soul Contract. Basically the answer is yes, but to hear the full answer you need to listen to the interview yourselves. If you want to listen to last nights show and you’re not a ‘Coast Insider’ try searching on You Tube using the search words > Coast To Coast AM – February 6, 2015 Encounters With “Seth”. If you can’t find it there try searching Google using the same search words, or use search words of your choice. YT tends remove C2C videos so if you do find it don’t count on it still being there later, it’s best to listen right away. To read a description of last night’s show (Jan 6/15) go to the Coast To Coast AM website. They talk about many things in the interview and Seth answers many different questions including 2015 predictions, chemtrails, and much more. Marks website Mark/Seth seems evasive at times, but you decide for yourselves.


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