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Polar stratospheric clouds spotted by observer in Norway

C#3 Below is only an excerpt.
“A possible outbreak of polar stratospheric clouds (PSCs) is underway around the Arctic Circle. Unlike normal grey-white clouds, which hug Earth’s surface at altitudes of only 5 to 10 km, PSCs float through the stratosphere (25 km) and they are fantastically colorful.”…….. To read the full article go to

WOW!!! – The Most Amazing Science Images Of 2014

Amazing!!! There are many awesome pictures, very short clips/Gifs etc.
Below is only an excerpt from the article, to see all the amazing pictures etc, go to the link below the excerpt.
……..”Let us introduce this collection by stating the obvious: This is not a comprehensive list. What you’ll find here are photos that engaged our minds, and videos that set our pulses racing – a carefully curated collection of the weird, the wonderful, and the truly awesome. Here you’ll find imagery that moved us, inspired us, and shook us to our core, and a few that made us laugh in sheer amazement.”……

Northern Lights: 8 Dazzling Facts About Auroras

Interesting article! The aurora picture below looks like an eagle. Link to the article is below the picture. One interesting fact about aurora’s is that other planets have them too.

Wings of Light

Gorgeous!!! Aurora Picture, and Phenomenon Solar Sector Boundary Crossings

B#169 Emerald Dynamite.
Gorgeous!!! This striking picture was taken by Ole Salomonsen of Tromso, Norway.

Click the image to enlarge.
There are many more beautiful pictures on his website.
To read the description and get links scroll down below the picture.



Excerpt from the article “On Oct. 18th, Earth passed through multiple folds in the heliospheric current sheet–a phenomenon known as “solar sector boundary crossings.” This sparked a veritable explosion of bright auroras around the Arctic Circle. Ole Salomonsen of Tromso, Norway, captured the outburst in this photo, which he calls Emerald Dynamite:” …………..
Ole’s website


Cassiopeia A

This stunning false-color picture shows off the many sides of the supernova remnant Cassiopeia A. It is made up of images taken by three of NASA's Great Observatories, using three different wavebands of light. Infrared data from the Spitzer Space Telescop
A gorgeous picture of Cassiopeia A!!!
To read about Cassiopeia A go to
For those of you that are interested in alternative stuff you may want to go to the link below and scroll down to my comment today April 12, 2014 at 11:11 AM.

Cosmic Butterflies

I like this picture so I’m re-posting it. To read last year’s article go to the link below the picture.
Mystery alignment of dying stars puzzles scientists