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Archon Influence & Removal – The Matrix, Archons, The New Age and the Lords of Karma

One things Cameron Day says is that energy work sometimes isn’t enough to discharge trauma, that the physical body can hold trauma too, and that there is a muscle that most people don’t know about that tends to hold undischarged trauma, he goes on to talk about what you can do to release it, and he says we need to get rid of the emotional charge attached to traumas.  Excerpt from Cameron Day’s website about the interview.“In this talk we discuss astral parasites, the false light, how people can protect themselves from manipulative influences, healing ourselves, cleaning up the astral and much, much more.”To listen to the interview go to Cameron’s home page

John Hogue – Predictions For 2015

Below is a 14:44 clip of John Hogue interviewed by Jeff Rense. To easily find all the predictions I have here so far for 2015 hover over Predictions at the top then click Predictions 2015 and scroll down.

David Wilcock 2014 Christmas Special on F2B w/ Jimmy Church

Description from under the YT video. “A very special end-of-2014 Christmas show with David Wilcock…we’ve edited out everything but the conversation between David and Jimmy which covers everything from guitars to who is winning the war between ETs that are trying to take over our planet…and what we can expect in 2015.” (

Jimmy Church w/ Jay Weidner, Great Cross of Hendaye LIVE on air FADE to BLACK Ep.159 November 17, 2014

The Cross of Hendaye is the focus but they talk about many other things too.


David Wilcock Interviewed by Jimmy Church

I don’t follow David Wilcock and rarely listen to his stuff, so for me this interview was interesting.
He talked about several things I haven’t head him talk about before. The description of the show is below under the video.

They talk about more than this but here is what’s under the YT video in ‘Show more’.
Published on May 2, 2014
David Wilcock is the guest and we go through why he writes his dreams down every morning, Edgar Cayce, prophecy, MH370, who is really running things today and what it means to us all and the immediate future…and we talk a little guitar, too.

John Hogue: Is War Coming?? Interview April 4, 2014

Also John talks about the Grand Cross.
This interview will only be available until Whitley puts up his next interview at the end of next week. After that it will be archived and you must be a subscriber to listen to it.

The listen to the interview go to