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Symbolic Codes & Number Signs of the Missing MH370 Airliner – Mark Gray – Hour 1

This sounds like it will be interesting! I just started listening to it, right now he’s talking about the Trident and Neptune.
To listen to the interview go to


Stan Deyo Inteview April 1 2014 Many Things Coming Together Now, Blood Moons, Israel & more

Scroll down for video.
On his website it says that this was one of his most important messages. The link to his site is below the video.
Stan says many thing are coming together and he says “Get your house in order”.
He talks about The 4 Blood Moons, the first one is April 15 2014, Israel’s Peace Treaty deadline April 29/14, the Chile earthquake, and more.

FF to about 38 minutes to listen to Stan’s part.

Stan’s website

Superwave Threat – G 2 Cloud Heading Toward Galactic Center Dr Paul La Violette Interview on The Unexplained

Dr Violette talks about the Mother Star, G 2 Cloud and Superwave threat. he says that we are in a danger period in April, and possibly May. He talks about many other things also.
To listen or download mp3 go to

Dr Paul La Violette’s website

Special! Dr. Courtney Brown of the Farsight Institute! (March 22, 2014)

Below from Phoenix Rising
“Join us as our special guest Dr. Courtney Brown of the Farsight Institute joins us to bring us up to date on the recent announcement made by the Farsight Institute and what it means for mankind”. Website:
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The Farsight Institute.
For those interested here is a link to an interview done March 24 2014 – The Fenton Perspective Lorien Fenton.
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The Secret Life of Uri Geller – Hour 1

This is an interesting interview done by Henrik Palmgren about Uri’s work for CIA, FBI, and Mussad.
To listen to the interview go to There is also a 1 hr 31 min video “The Secret Life of Uri Geller” at the link.

Consciousness – Amit Goswami Interview March 2 2014

Below is from under the YT video. Link under the video.
Quantum physicist, Dr. Amit Goswami is the pioneer of the new paradigm known as “science within consciousness”. Dr. Goswami discusses how creativity is the lifeline to consciousness and creativity is what is needed in times of crisis and change.

………… He is a pioneer of the new paradigm of science called “Science Within Consciousness…….
Dr Goswami’s website.

Interview with Joseph P. Farrell – March 2014

Below from The Paracast.
Gene and Chris present the yet another wide-ranging discussion with prolific paranormal author and commentator Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, author of such books as “Saucers, Swastikas, and Psyops.” This time, the bill of fare includes such topics as the possible mysterious suicides of prominent bankers, the reported looting of the banking system by so-called “banksters,” a possible “Manhattan Project” to build a flying saucer, the growth of a secret space program using black project funds, and other amazing mysteries and conspiracies.
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