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Blood Moon: Total eclipse of the moon on April 4 2015!

BLOOD MOONThe Blood Moon is in the wee hours of the morning and the next Tetrad is April 15, 2015. There are 3 links below, and also if you want more information about Blood Moons, Tetrads, and prophecies related to them type Blood Moon(s), or Tetrad(s) in the search box above on the right side, or Google it.
For those of you interested in Astrology, Numerology, etc go to

Duncan O’Finioan Has A New Show – Shoot From The Hip

I haven’t listened to all yet but think it’s a weekly show and there are call in numbers. As far as I can tell the show is live Friday at 11:00 PM, but I don’t know if that’s PT, ET or Central time.  In the 1st show he clears some air about MK Ultra but the he gets into many other things like Cern, the Fay, and much, much more. All links are below.
His first show was Feb 28/15 (
March 6/15 (

Here’s the link to his website but right now it’s down for housekeeping

Yes, You Can Change Your Soul Contract

Mark Allen Frost was the guest on Coast To Coast AM. He says Seth speaks through him and after a while people were invited to call in and ask Seth questions. One of the callers asked if you could change your Soul Contract. Basically the answer is yes, but to hear the full answer you need to listen to the interview yourselves. If you want to listen to last nights show and you’re not a ‘Coast Insider’ try searching on You Tube using the search words > Coast To Coast AM – February 6, 2015 Encounters With “Seth”. If you can’t find it there try searching Google using the same search words, or use search words of your choice. YT tends remove C2C videos so if you do find it don’t count on it still being there later, it’s best to listen right away. To read a description of last night’s show (Jan 6/15) go to the Coast To Coast AM website. They talk about many things in the interview and Seth answers many different questions including 2015 predictions, chemtrails, and much more. Marks website Mark/Seth seems evasive at times, but you decide for yourselves.


John Hogue – Predictions For 2015

Below is a 14:44 clip of John Hogue interviewed by Jeff Rense. To easily find all the predictions I have here so far for 2015 hover over Predictions at the top then click Predictions 2015 and scroll down.

Joni Patry Vedic Astrology – January 2015 Predictions

For a brief description of what Joni says hover over Predictions at the top then click Predictions 2015 and scroll down, or click this link 

On July 7, 2014 – Alignment of Four Antimatter Dimensions, and it’s Really Going to Cause Energy Changes in People

Phil Kava was on Coast To Coast AM last night and he was told by someone in Peru that on July 7, 2014 there is going to be an alignment of four antimatter dimensions, and that it’s Really going to cause energy changes in people.
IF, I repeat, IF, it happens, then it does Not sound like it’s going to be a pleasant experience!
He also said there is an energy belt coming through and it is changing Earth and that it’s changing our energies on a psychic level.