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Mystery Solved? Black Ring Above England: New Evidence – Vortex Ring

The link to 2 articles are below the video.
If anyone is interested in information on other black rings that have appeared in past years leave a request and I’ll look up the link for you.

Yesterday’s article.

Mystery – Experts baffled after strange black ring appears in sky above England

…………. “The huge black ring was spotted in the skies above Leamington Spa, a spa town in central Warwickshire, England, and remained in sky for about three minutes before disappearing completely (or “burning off”). Weather experts are baffled by what they describe as a “real-life X-Files” event.”………
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VERY COOL!! Northern Lights – Video and Article

Awesome!!! 😎
Here is a short article about the photographer Yuichi Takasaka and more AMAZING photos by him.
Northern Lights Photos By Yuichi Takasaka Are Incredible

Mysterious blast lights up sky over Eastern Siberia

“Moscow – An explosion of unclear origin illuminated the sky over eastern Siberia on Thursday morning”………..
There is video at the link below.
Also in the article
……………. “A blast in the sky was also reported on Tuesday in the western Siberian city of Nizhnevartovsk. Authorities offered no explanation, while locals joked about alien landings.”
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Uncovered 16th century hallucinatory images suggest that today’s climate science is nothing but a persistent human mental disorder

“Fire in the sky, torrential rains, droughts and Biblical floods – all supposedly brought on by the sins and wickedness of man. Is it really a surprise we are hearing it all once again today?”
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