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Alex Collier has Colon Cancer, is Homeless, and Needs Help

Be sure to read the UPDATE at the end of this post.
Yikes!! I can’t say for sure if any of this is true but it sure looks like it is! I haven’t really followed Alex’s work, I just watched a couple videos and read some things. I knew things were not going so good for him, and he was having a hard time but I didn’t know that he had colon cancer and that he and his family were homeless!! Go here to get details UPDATE: I just went to and there is nothing there about this. That doesn’t mean that it is a scam, but it  might be. I don’t know for sure. It just seems to me that James Harkin would post about it there. You’ll have to carefully check things out for your selves. Also it might be best to go directly to to donate. Here’s the link

Planet X And Astro-Planetology Entering A New Paraigm

WOW! This is interesting!! Already it has 10,460 + views and it was just posted yesterday! Below are links to Kameran’s theory (pdf) “Planet X And Astro-Planetology Entering A New Paraigm, and Kerry’s website. I think Kerry may have spelled his last name wrong, he spells it Faily in the pdf. I never heard of this guy before. I don’t know if he’s disinfo or not.

Kerry’s website

Jerry Wills, part 1, International UFO conference, Bergen, Norway 2014

Very interesting! Jerry talks about way more than UFO’s. I put links to part 2, Jerry’s radio show, and both his websites under the video.
Radio Friday 7 PM PT.
Jerry Wills part 2, International UFO conference Bergen, Norway 2014 (

Ancient Japanese Documents – The Takenouchi Documents

I got a feeling we might be hearing many more references to these from now on.
They say these ancient documents are the worlds oldest historical record and tell of a world united in harmony.
In the video they start with the creation of the universe by “an enormous energy” they called God.
Are they (tptb) setting us up again??
To accept The New World Order by showing us how it was ‘in the beginning’ and then tell us that’s how they (tptb) will make, or are making it to be again with The New World Order??
There are several links below this video.

Association For The Study of Takenouchi Documents
Takenouchi Documents Wikipedia
I found out about these documents via an interview on Dreamland today (link below) with Avery Morrow who wrote a book about these documents. However, it will only be available to non subscribers until the end of next week after that you need to subscribe to listen to it.
I’ve never head of these documents before now, and I don’t know if they are real or fake.

Amazing Science of Ancient Japan. Friday May 16, 2014.
Avery Morrow’s website

Joseph Chiappalone Interviewed by Randy Maugans – Feb 2014

I don’t follow Joseph Chiappalone but post this for those that may be interested.
The links to part 2 of the interview, and the websites for Randy Maugans and Dr Chiappalone are under the video.

From under the YT video
Joseph Chiappalone is medical doctor (GP) located in Australia, who says he was relayed critical insights and information while aboard an extra-dimensional craft in 1985. He says that the Universe (the physical creation) was an experiment gone wrong; that it is scheduled for “correction” (i.e.-termination), and that true conscious beings are being prepared for the inevitable return back to cosmic balance with Source. On this interview he explains his long-held expectations, and the cosmology that actually underpins true consciousness.

Part 2
* (
Randy Maugans website
Dr Joseph Chiappalone’s website.