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The Jewish Roots of Leonard Nimoy and What the ‘Live Long and Prosper’ Hand Symbol Really Means

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How the Great Pyramid Made Monatomic Gold (White Gold)

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Merry Christmas!


Wishing all of you peace, happiness, &  prosperity, now, and throughout the new year!




VERY COOL!! Northern Lights – Video and Article

Awesome!!! 😎
Here is a short article about the photographer Yuichi Takasaka and more AMAZING photos by him.
Northern Lights Photos By Yuichi Takasaka Are Incredible

Aleister Crowley and Toungues Speaking Christians, are Speaking the Same Language (Video)

It sounds the same to me!! And Aliester Crowley was into Enochian Magick!
Another name for it is Glossolalia and it is practiced by Pentecostals and Charismatics. They say that when the Holy Spirit, or Holy Ghost, comes on them they speak in tongues.
There are various other ways they say that such as “The Anointing is on me”, “The Glory is on me”, etc.

Is speaking in tongues a good thing? Imho I don’t think it is!
  Can you be sure that it is Not a negative/demonic spirit/entity causing you to speak in tongues?

Tongues start at about 1 min 19 sec.
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Listen to the Voice of Aleister Crowley, Chanting in the Language of the Angels

John B. Wells Leaves Coast to Coast AM

As The World Churns

John’s website, Caravan to Midnight, is [was] down temporarily. With his own show coming up he won’t have to stay within Premier Radio’s parameters. I’m looking forward to listening to you again, John!! I will not be posting anymore of John’s newsletters after this. I am only posting this one because his website is down and not everyone signed up for his newsletters before the website began crashing. This is a FYI for those looking for information as to why John left Coast to Coast.

CTM February Newsletter

Make Ready For What’s To Come


01 February 2014

Greetings, Fellow Traveler,

This is our first News Letter and it’s the first time I’ve written one. Ever.

In upcoming editions, there will be content different from that contained in this one.

And while portions of the world burn, the seas become more poisoned by the day, the UFO’s are…

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