I want to learn all about colors, their meaning, their frequencies, how they are used in mind control etc so I’m starting this new page to keep track of things.

A#118 I would very much appreciate your help with this. Your opinions are welcome, so please feel free to comment, provide links to articles, interviews etc. No bit of information you may have is insignificant.

I’m just starting to learn about colors, so if I put something stupid there please let me know!!

11 responses to “Colors”

  1. Salty says :

    Here is a link to an article about the color yellow. More about that color later.

    This article doesn’t mention mind control but it might be useful.
    At this website you can also find information about other colors.

  2. Salty says :

    They are up to something!!

    I know, they are always up to something, but this is what I noticed last night when it first appeared. These ads just started last night.

    Last night while watching TV I noticed they started using a LOT of bright yellow in the commercials.
    A woman wearing a plain bright yellow pant suite, with no other color in it. a different commercial with a middle aged man wearing plane bright yellow pants, a home decor commercial with bright yellow walls, 2 different commercials, one showing an old VW van and the other an old 60’s style car. Both were bright yellow.

    Today so far I’ve seen 4 lady news anchors wearing that same color and several other TV commercials with that color prominent.

    Here is the bright yellow color I’m talking about above. Google images

    • Salty says :

      It seems to me that bright yellow is more of a spring or summer color than an autumn color, so it’s curious that they are using it this time of year.

      I’m just starting to look into colors so, just thinking.

      From what little I’ve read from the link above it seems yellow can cause – “The color yellow can be anxiety producing as it is fast moving and can cause us to feel agitated.”

      Also from the link above in ‘business meanings’ “non-emotional and lacking compassion.”

      So one reason may be that they are flooding TV with this bright yellow to keep people agitated, and in fear.

      Btw, for anyone that’s interested there is a link to “An Essay On The MEANING OF COLORS by Edgar Cayce” in ‘Tidbits from Edgar Cayce’.

    • pollyann says :

      I’d say the bright yellow is a trigger color for those who are subconsciously attuned to that color. It has also been reported that ELF shows up as bright yellow when seen etherically. ELF is used to agitate, trigger and disturb. I do not have a favorable response to bright yellow (outside of nature) and prefer the more subdued pale yellows or soft, golden yellows.

      • Salty says :

        Hi Polly,
        Thank you so much for the info!! You are a wealth of great information!! A#135

        Fritz’s and Cisco’s info was the first one on the search list when I typed colors and mind control.

  3. Salty says :

    From Educate Yourself
    Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler. Scroll down to see the list.

  4. pollyann says :

    The color Gold — forgiveness, Grace.

  5. Linda says :

    I LOVE bright yellow. Am thinking to buy some clothes in that color. It doesn’t come in fashion very often. By the way, when I wear it, I feel happy and energized. Also, I consider myself compassionate, emotional and calm, whether I wear bright yellow or not. In love and Light!

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