Confab # 2

The first Confab page was getting way too long. Too much scrolling!!
This page is also for everyone that wants to make a comment that doesn’t fit anywhere else, and for general chat.

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  1. Salty says :

    Last night, Sept 12/13 the sky was clear and the stars were shinning brightly. There was a very bright moon with a narrow inner electric yellow ring and a bigger outer bright electric blue ring around it. I’ve never seen that before. It was weird, but also striking and colorful.

  2. Salty says :

    Last Night Sept. 12/13 Gorge Noory said that he is going to be on ‘The View’ next Thursday. That’s Sept. 19/13.

  3. pollyann says :

    Were you able to listen to Jay Weidner on Jeff Rense’s show??

    • Salty says :

      Hi Polly,
      Yep, I listened. It was okay. I doesn’t measure up to the interview Jay did with those ladies. That one was the best one I’ve ever heard.

      • pollyann says :

        I’m not a Rense fan but will listen to him if he has someone I like on. Jeff has become caught up in the “everything is awful and bad” syndrome and it effects his interviews with guests. When this particular interview appears on YouTube, I will listen to it, just to see. It’s a good thing Jay moves around to different interviewers and yes, I agree, the one at “Shattering the Matrix” Radio was excellent.

        • Salty says :

          Polly, FYI, I got so pissed with them, that I almost turned it off!
          Quite a while back Rense had on someone I don’t remember who that guest was but that guy and Rense were totally, TOTALLY Disgusting!!!
          Instead of talking about the subject that was listed they were Very descriptively talking about pedophiles, incest, rape, etc. They went on and on!! I turned it off!!

          So when I heard Jay and Rense start out talking about pedophiles etc I thought they were going to keep it up. Just as I was reaching to click it off Rense said something and Jay said “That’s where I want to go tonight”. They stopped the pedophile talk and after that it’s okay.

          The Rense show is horrible most of the time. I almost never listen. Like you I only listen if someone I like is on, or, a topic sounds interesting.
          I think Rense has some serious mental problems and if someone listens to that show every night they’ll end up demonized, in the loony bin. Or suiciding.

          • pollyann says :

            The pedophile problem is an extremely serious, extremely disgusting and extremely huge issue on this planet, and there is a way to discuss it and a way not to. I didn’t hear what you did but I probably would have turned it off, too. Jay has to be discerning and I’m glad he changed the subject during this latest interview.

  4. Salty says :

    I searched YT and I couldn’t find Art Bell’s show Dark Matter there, But, I searched in Google and found it! It’s there on YT.
    At the beginning Art talks about why he left Caost.
    Dark Matter Archive Published on Sep 17, 2013
    Michio Kaku – Art Bell – September 16 2013 – Art Bell 9-16-13


  5. Salty says :

    I feel horrible today!
    I’m jittery inside, nauseous, some creepy shivers, tension, an unpleasant feeling in my spine, and I’m wondering if something big is going to happen. Everything looks normal on solar data page.
    Maybe it’s just me but I’m feeling like something is really wrong!

  6. pollyann says :

    FULL, Harvest moon in EMOTIONAL Pisces. Solar wind is buffeting earth. Other than that everything is just swell!!

  7. Salty says :

    I don’t know if any of this is true but Whoa! This is getting really interesting!

    I’m listening to last nights Dark Matter show. The guest is DR. Jonathan Reed.
    His website

    Jonathon just said that years ago the Pope happened to be in Mexico and was visiting people in the hospital that he was a patient in.
    Pope Benedict asked him “How can we help them?”

    He said also said that one month ago he was invited to the Vatican to speak with the Pope and stayed in the Vatican for 4 days.

    He spoke to spoke to Pope Francis who told him “Johnathan you are a messenger for all of us.”

  8. Martijn says :

    Dog that looks like Putin – lol.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Martijn,
      LOL!! Good find! It looks a bit broad across the eyes so I wonder if it’s photoshopped?
      I wonder if Putin has a pet. Quite often pet owners look like their pets.

      • Martijn says :

        I guess there is always a possibilty that it is a clever photoshop.

        That is true, people who sometimes look like their pets, dogs especially, in some way.
        I have noticed that before as well. As if they have incorporated some dna of the pet into their own dna. It’s kinda strange.

        • Salty says :

          Martijn, I agree, it is strange. It seems that the longer the person owns the pet, the more they look like their pet.
          Same thing happens with some people that are married/together for a long time.
          It would be an interesting thing to look into.

  9. Salty says :

    The Torsion Field is the Ether!!
    (Aether) I’m not sure of the spelling.

    Also interesting info about cats!

    I’ve heard Richard C and others talk about the Torsion Field a lot, but this is the first time that I’ve heard anyone say that it is the Ether.
    That makes it a bit more understandable to me. Not that I understand much At All.

    Art did an excellent show with Hogland. Probably the best Richard C interview I’ve heard.

    Richard C Hoagland – Art Bell’s Dark Matter – September 19 2013 – Art Bell 9-19-13
    Hogland images talked about in the show

  10. Salty says :

    Bird flew in!!! Omen??

    At about 9:35 AM PDT a bird, (pigeon) flew in our apartment. It scared the daylights out of me!!!

    It crashed into the patio doors trying to get out, fell to the floor, then limped to the doorway and stayed there for about 20 minutes.

    Then it walked out on the balcony and looked around then came back to the doorway and stayed there for a few. It repeated this a couple of times.

    Now it’s in the corner of the bottom shelf of the cabinet on the balcony and has been there for about more than a half hour..

    I’ve always heard that if a bird flies in your home it is a bad omen and it means someone is going to die.

    His leg is fine now and he’s not limping anymore.

    • pollyann says :

      I’ve only heard similar ideas about owls. Maybe it’s a spy. 🙂 I would surround the bird in deep, electric violet with gold flecks and see what happens. I would have been startled as all heck if that happened to me.

      • pollyann says :

        It sounds like the bird was being chased by an aerial predator.

        • Salty says :

          Hi Polly,

          That could be. I don’t know why but I wish it hadn’t flew in at all!

          Just before the bird flew in I sensed something foreign, ominous above my head, a darkness.

          I got butterflies in my stomach right away and thought to myself ‘something nasty is up’. Whenever I sense something like that my first thought is of tptb.

          It was a few minutes later that the bird flew in. I was working on my blog header when from the corner of my eye I seen something and heard it’s wings flapping, at first I thought it was a crow! (= spies!) I started yelling, ordering it to GET OUT!, but while it was limping to the doorway I seen that it wasn’t a crow. That was a wee, wee bit of a relief, but still!!

          Once before a bird flew in here, it was years ago and not too long after a family member died.
          Another time a bird flew in chasing a big bug, We chased it out but it was reluctant to leave, it wanted that bug! I don’t recall right now if anything bad happened afterwards.

          I still have butterflies in my stomach, and kind of a creepy feeling. Hubby was not home when the bird flew in, but when he came back the bird was still here, and it was still here when he went out again. I’ll feel better when he gets back home. At least I’ll know that he is okay.

          Anyway, I’m not going to fret over the bird thing. Just wait and see. Hopefully nothing bad will happen

          The bird flew away at 11:09 AM PDT.

          • Salty says :

            Hi Polly,
            Hubby just got home a few minutes ago!


          • Salty says :

            Uh-oh! Oh no!!!
            I think the bird likes it here. When hubby went out on the balcony there it was. It ran across the balcony and flew away.
            I don’t want to have to start scraping piles of bird poo off the balcony so I guess we’re going to have to start chasing it away if it keeps coming back.
            Also I think they carry several diseases that humans can get.

  11. Martijn says :

    Salty, when a bird flies into your home it easily causes a shock and weird sensation.
    I have experienced that before as well.
    Those birds seem to be in a panic when they do that, at least that is the impression and feeling you get from the bird when it is flying in. Perhaps that panic is what you experienced here, the panic and confusion of that bird.

    • Salty says :

      That’s a very interesting thought! Thanks for you input.

      Although I’m not consciously aware of picking up on an animals thoughts before that could very well be what happened.

      You had a bird fly into your home before?
      Did anything bad happen afterwards?

      • Martijn says :

        I recall a few times when being inside a house and a bird suddenly flying in.
        I don’t think anything bad in particular happened after that.
        These ‘invading’ birds often emit sort of a disturbing and panicking energy, that is certainly so.

        I can see you’ve changed the layout of the blog a little. You added a motto in the backgound, and on top there is a picture of a leafless tree hanging over some water?

        • Salty says :

          Hi Martijn,
          It’s not a leafless tree.
          It’s a colorful Fall season picture.
          You can see it here, scroll down to the 5th row. Google images

          It was intended to be a pc background but I re-sized it and added the rippling water.

          Does my header look terrible??

          • Martijn says :

            Yes, the header looks a little ominous to me.

            I am able to discern the Fall colours now. At first glance it looked like an ominous red coloured sky to me.

            • Salty says :

              Hi Martijn,
              Thank you for your honest opinion. I appreciate it!
              I knew what the original looked like so it’s easy for me to see what it is. I wondered what other people thought of it.
              I plan to change my blog header every so often anyway, however, I may change this one sooner rather than later.
              I’m still thinking about it though.

  12. Salty says :

    I’m making a note of this here.

    Last night on live AM radio G N said that Coast Insiders are free to download the shows, share them, do whatever they want.

    So, all those things I’ve been hearing about Coast having them removed from YT etc is BS!

    Maybe it’s true that Coast did that before, I’m not sure, but if they did do that before now after hearing what G N said last night they won’t be doing that anymore.

    I will listen once more to be certain, but in the video link below that part has been edited out. If I do find what G N said in there then I will provide the time where it is at in the video.

    I don’t know if it was Coast or the uploader that removed it.

    It could very well have been the uploader because he has been saying that Coast and YT are removing all Coast videos, and he has been encouraging people to sign up to his channel so they can be sure to be able get Coast. Implying that if they don’t then Coast won’t available much longer.

    Like I said I don’t know who edited that out but I heard it on live radio.

    It’s pretty easy to tell at a glance when Coast videos have been edited by looking at the length of the video.

    NOTE The one that I was going to put a link to here was available on YT earlier, BUT as of right now has been private by the uploader Disclosure Radio!
    I wonder why? Duh!
    I see that all the other Coast videos are still available there.

    Working link ‘Technology Frontiers & Animal Communication – September 23 2013 – Coast to Coast Am’
    Link to Disclosure Radio video of last night’s show that was available earlier but has has been made private since then.

  13. Salty says :

    Does this header look better?

  14. Martijn says :

    It looks better to me also, but when I look at the image of that header, I think you maybe should try to work with an image that has a better fitting pixel density, if you understand what I mean. That header is a broad rectangle, and I can see that the image you use blurs after you’ve put it in that header.

    Perhaps you could for example try one of these with a pixel density 2560×1440. You can select the density under the image after you have opened it. High definition (HD).×1440-wallpapers-r

    • pollyann says :

      There you go, Salty. Martijn has come up with a better way for you. Good luck!!

      • Salty says :

        Thank you guy’s!! Both of you! A#135 A#135

        Martijn, Thanks for the pixel info and the link! It says something about pixels in settings but I ignored it because I know Nothing about that.

        Right now I’m looking for looking for things to post so I’ll work on the header later. That looks like a really good link, lots of pics there. A#135

        • Salty says :

          I’m trying out this header for now.

          How does it look?

          In my header setting it says “Images should be at least 940 pixels wide. Suggested width is 940 pixels. Suggested height is 200 pixels.”

          I chose 960 X 540. It didn’t give me the option to choose exactly the right size.

          Question – 960 = width? 540 = height? Right? And do they always show the width first?

  15. Salty says :

    I just found an online resizer and it allows me to choose exact height and width so I’m going to try that out when I find a different picture.

  16. Salty says :

    The header up there now is the same pic I put up earlier today, but this time I re-sized it to exactly 940 X 200.

    I know it looks squashed, but I think any picture I choose will unless it was specifically made to be a header.

    I’m going to be experimenting with different pictures, animations, and effects so the header might change frequently.

    If something I put up there looks bad, ominous, ugly, makes you feel bad, looks stupid, etc, etc, I would appreciate it very much if you guy’s would please let me know.

    Thanks again to both of you for your input. A#135 A#135

    • Martijn says :

      You should use/upload an image with a 2560×1440 pixel density for the header, Salty!
      I think that will make the image in the header equally as sharp as the original. 940×200 is not much. It looks indeed pretty blurry and squashed now.

      Good luck.

      • Salty says :

        Hi Martijn,

        I truly am confused about this pixel, and width height stuff.

        As I said yesterday my header settings suggested to use 940 pixel width X 200 pixel height. So, to my uninformed about pixels in relating to height and width thinking, that just means how wide and how high my header should be.

        So then, are 2 picture uploads in for example in Google images, of the same thing, say a certain tree for example, exactly the same picture, that have the same original size as in height and width, could differ in the number of pixels they contain?

        And that the picture with the most pixels will be clearer?

        I assume that is correct?? If not then please tell me.

        So, in my thinking at the moment, if I find a 2560 X 1440 picture, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will have more pixels than the exact same picture next to it that is, say for example a smaller one of say 700 X 650. ?

        Or, does the size of the picture 2560 X 1440 mean more pixels and the smaller 700 X 650 mean less pixels?

        I don’t know how to find a picture according to how many pixels it has. I only know how to find one according to the width and height. (as in Google images, I assume that is the height and width they show there?)

        It’s all very confusing to me because like I said before, I know Nothing about this stuff !

        I will find a free picture in Google images that is the size that you recommend 2560 X 1440, but I don’t know how to tell how many pixels are in it.

        Anyway, I’ll post that picture as a header within the next hour (depending how long it takes me to find a 2560 X 1440) and see how it looks.

        If you know how I can find pictures by the amount of pixels they have please tell me.

        Regarding the squished look. As far as I know that happens because it has to fit into the space my theme / WordPress provides. However I will try the 2560 X 1440 that you suggest and see what happens.

  17. Martijn says :

    It’s about the density of pixels, not specifically about the size of an image. The higher the pixel density the sharper the image is, usually.
    Yes, the images with differing pixel densities look the same in their original form, however, when you upload them in specific frames like that header, you can notice the difference.

    Maybe you should try to use an image from that wallpaper site I linked, and download the image as HD: 2560×1440 and then upload that particular image to your header.
    Thus: click on the image you want, then a new window opens and there appears underneath that image the several density options.

    I am not familiar with wordpress or any website building, so I don’t know how that exactly works.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Martijn,
      Here it is 2560 X 1440 from the site you provided.
      Link to the picture there

      I didn’t do that before because before the drop down menu didn’t give me the option of 2560 X 1440. But this time it didn’t show me only the drop down, it showed me what you see at the above link.

      What think you of the way this header looks?

      • Martijn says :

        The header looks excellent now, as far as I’m concerned, as far as sharpness. No blurs, as sharp as the original, don’t you think?

        • Salty says :

          I think so too Martijn, Thanks for the help! A#135

          On that site, so far I haven’t been able to figure out how to get to the page that list all the sizes and not just the drop down menu.

          Also, I think the images on that site are free to download but I have to check into that more to make sure that they are free.

    • Salty says :

      Thanks Polly, A#135
      I’ve been so busy with the header and other things today I forgot to go to his site.

      I just read the blurb above the video, It looks like a good one!!
      I will listen to it, maybe not until tomorrow though.

      Right now I’m writing a comment re the bird/omen, then I’m going to check out the site I got my header from to make sure it’s a free download / no strings attached.

  18. Salty says :

    I’m making a note here of this because it might relate to the bird flying in our apartment being an omen.

    Yesterday Sept 25 / 13 at 1:55 PM PDT we got a phone call.
    Usually we do not answer the phone but because we know the person that called hubby reluctantly answered it thinking that a family member may be ill, or died, or something.

    Anyway, the reason for the call was not about those things, or any bad news.

    I’m don’t want to talk about what the call was about.

    I want to note it here that as a result of phone calls like this one, that we have received in the past, there has always been an a vicious unrelenting attack on us by tptb.

    This doesn’t always happen immediately, but it could happen real soon.

    If they follow their past scenario it can take up to almost 1 year, however, probably closer to 6 to 8 months.

    Of course if something does happen apparently as a result of the phone call, it is Not proof that the bird was an omen.

    Because of the strange ominous darkness over my head before it flew in, I lean towards it being an omen.

    I will know without one doubt, that it (future problems) stems from the phone call because of what is done, and said by them (tptb) and their minions.

    • pollyann says :

      Salty, I always remember what Cayce said about omens. Know them for what they are and do not put trust in them (not an exact quote). What I think he meant was — seeing things/ events as bad or good omens and putting stock in them is a way of giving our power away and giving unseen entities permission to use them to influence us.

      Also, you experienced a shock. We know what shocks do to us. They open us up. As far as possible attack coming down the road after that phone call, you have time to change course because you are much more aware now than you used to be.

      • Salty says :

        Hi Polly,
        Thanks! I always appreciate input!!

        That type of phone call is one of their favorites to pull on us. They’re not creative with coming up with new stuff so it’s the same old same old.

        The good news is that we didn’t fall into their trap by agreeing! A#135

        What they have always done in the past is to go into the attack mode and when we don’t fall into their traps, then their attack is more viscous than if we did fall into their trap.
        Whatever!! I’m not going to play their game. Period. No matter if the consequences are worse.

        I’m proud of hubby!
        How he handled it. Years ago hubby didn’t believe me about all this tptb stuff, but now he’s getting pretty darn good at recognizing their crap and not falling into their traps.

        Re omens. >>> “What I think he meant was — seeing things/ events as bad or good omens and putting stock in them is a way of giving our power away and giving unseen entities permission to use them to influence us.”
        I agree with what you say.

        >>>> “Also, you experienced a shock. We know what shocks do to us. They open us up. As far as possible attack coming down the road after that phone call, you have time to change course because you are much more aware now than you used to be.”
        You are right on about shocks. And good point to bring up!!
        I’ll try to keep that in my awareness in case anymore ‘shocks’ in store for the future!

        I know the bird may not be an omen, and it may not have anything to do with tptb. It may have flown in because of what Martijn said, or as you said, messed up from solar activity.
        Whatever the reason, I’m going to try my best to remember what shocks do and keep my reactions in check, and act rather than react. Thanks for the reminder!!


  19. Salty says :

    Odds and Ends.

    Re Hassan Rouhani. To me it seems that Rouhani has an air of superiority about him, cultured, snooty appearance, reminds me of some royalty. I do not trust him. I hope I’m totally wrong.

    Hi Martijn, I checked into the pictures site and it doesn’t say much but as far as I can tell those pics are free to download / no strings.

    I still can’t figure out how to go to the page with all of the download options and not just the drop down menu. I’ll work on that more some other time.

    Do you guys see that thing at the bottom? That thing is on my Last nerve!!
    Click the link and then watch for a few seconds.
    Grrrr. If it had a neck I’d strangle it!!!

    • Martijn says :

      You mean that shaky Earthquake Newsletter banner? Advertisements usually are irritating and annoying.

      Those pics are free! If it wasn’t you would have been led to a payment option right away. 😉

      • Salty says :

        Hi Martijn, That’s true regarding payment via money, but it’s not always about handing over money to them, they may want payment via some other way. These sites can be sneaky!!

        For example, it says free downloads so you download it only to find out that by downloading it you have agreed to allow them to display ads if you put it on your own site/blog etc., or some other disagreeable thing.

        They don’t always tell you about that sort of thing up front! You have to search through their site to find it. Sometimes these free downloads are actually free trials, that info is not readily apparent so one has to look very carefully.

  20. pollyann says :

    Can you open this link??

    • Salty says :

      Hi Polly,
      Not at the moment. It says the connection timed out.
      If you give me more info about where this link goes, what info you want, what is there at that link that you want to read, then maybe I can find another way to access that link, OR, info there. Of course no guarantees that I can but I can try.

      • pollyann says :

        I’ve cleared my browser, tried Google Chrome, tried typing the url with www. and http:// separately and together, tried finding a different way to the web page but to no avail. I haven’t been able to access it for quite some time. It is the link to the Moscow Cosmic Ray Variations monitor.

  21. pollyann says :

    I had found a new web page months ago for that monitor but could not find it again. I used the Way back Machine just now. The old web page went offline in July. Thanks for assistance. Here is the new web page at new server:

  22. Martijn says :

    lol – Cat gets caught barking by a human and resumes meowing:


    • Salty says :

      LOL!!! Good one Martijn!
      I seems to me that cat is definitely up to something!

      Maybe he seen a girl cat he likes and is trying to scare away the competition?

      I like this YT comment “Am I the only one who wondered if the cat was trying to get a dog in trouble?”

      • Salty says :

        Hi Martijn,
        Feel free to put a link to videos whenever you want, but please put parentheses before and after the link as I did to your video. The page will load faster that way too.

  23. Salty says :

    New Page.
    I’m just letting you guy’s know that I’m starting a new page. For now I’m naming it “Colors & Mind control”. I might think of a better title later.

    Right now I’m not going to do a post pointing to this new page so readers of ‘Confab # 2’ are the only ones that know about for now. I probably will do a post after I get some good info and links there.

    EDIT Or those that visit my homepage and see it there.

    I expect to have the new page up within the hour, go there for more info.

  24. Salty says :

    Strange experience!!

    I honestly don’t know for sure if this was a dream or if it really happened, and as far as I can recall that’s never happened before where I can’t distinguish between them. I only 45% think it was a dream.

    It happened last night. I don’t know what time.

    I heard the bedroom door slam shut.

    I was struggling. I don’t know with who, what, or for sure why, but I think someone / thing was trying to keep me asleep.

    I reached over with my foot and felt hubby was there in bed so it wasn’t him that slammed the door. I didn’t want to wake him up and tell him because I didn’t want to upset him.

    At some time after that, I don’t know how long, hubby got up to go to the bathroom.

    Later today when he is more awake I will ask hubby if he noticed anything strange last night, and If he did I’ll add that here but I doubt he did.

    • pollyann says :

      First impression — it sounds real to me and not a dream.
      I had a horrible night last night, emotionally, and was awake all night, but no experiences like yours.

      • Salty says :

        Hi Polly,
        Thanks! I lean in that direction too.
        Hubby remembers getting up to go to the bathroom but nothing strange last night.

        I hope you finally got some sleep and are feeling better now.
        I’m not too bad so far today, still tired though, my balance is a bit off, and a slight feeling of pressure in my head.

        • pollyann says :

          I feel horrible still. Anxiety. Anyway, when your husband got up to use the bathroom was the bathroom door shut??

          • Salty says :

            Hi Polly,
            No, the bathroom door was open, that’s normal. The bedroom door was closed and that’s normal too, but when I heard the door slam shut and hubby was there in bed I knew something was wrong.

            • pollyann says :

              Oh, Salty, I’m sorry, I misread what you typed initially. I wasn’t seeing the word clearly. I thought the word bathroom door was there but it was BEDROOM door as far as you hearing a door slam shut. Okay. That’s even more intense. Okay, bedroom door which you keep shut at night anyway. Wow. That makes it even more real for me and not a dream. It sounds like “someone” fled the room in a hurry. Yikes!! That’s certainly comforting. NOT!!

              • Salty says :

                Hi Polly,
                No worries! I misread things too sometimes.
                Re >>> “It sounds like “someone” fled the room in a hurry.”
                Yep, that’s what I was thinking. It was a nasty experience, and that I don’t know for sure if it’s a dream or if it really happened bothers me. That’s never happened to me before where I can’t distinguish.

  25. Salty says :

    LOL! I knew J C would show up on Art Bell’s new show.

  26. Salty says :


    I don’t know much about Dolores Cannon at all. I think you have mentioned her Polly. If you did I don’t remember what was said.

    I’m always leery of hypnosis but I find this is very interesting. I think I will look into this lady’s work.

    So far I have read this article.
    Hollow earth and the Dinosaur extinction explained in The Keepers of the Garden

    This page lists other articles he has written about her.

    I haven’t listened to this yet.
    Dolores Cannon Presents Moving into the New Earth


    Martijn, Are you familiar with Dolores Cannon’s work?

    • pollyann says :

      Salty, I’ve heard Dolores at least twice on Coast and I’ve read some of her material before. At the very least she is quite interesting to listen to. She certainly has a wonderful attitude. I have thoughts about hypnosis and they are moderate, not black or white. It depends. There are those who would dismiss her as being full of new age crap and others who love her material and love her. You know me — never throw the baby out with the bath water. 🙂

      • Salty says :

        Hi Polly,
        I listened to her interview on Coast April 4, 2013 today. I heard it back then but forgot what she said.
        Me too! I don’t wanna ‘throw out the baby with the bath water’.

        I don’t know what to make of her yet but I am glad to hear that I’m not the only one that says “I don’t like it hear!” “I want to go Home!!!” “I don’t know where Home is”. Dolores says that there are hundreds of people that say that.

        • pollyann says :

          I can say right now I don’t mesh well with what I have read so far concerning earth’s beginnings and dinosaurs at transients’ link. I’m going to have to skip it. Lol!! I can say other material I have heard or read from Dolores’ clients is more believable for me.

        • pollyann says :

          Tons of people the world over don’t like it here and want to go home, wherever home is.

  27. Martijn says :

    In Gnosticism there is a term called (divine) Pleroma or Pleromatic realm, what I would refer to as home. Or at least a substantially better place than this world.

    I had heard of this Dolores before, but that’s about it, I think.

  28. Salty says :

    Hi Polly,
    It sounds like it would be a peaceful place to vacation at, and healthy too with all those organic fruits and veggies etc in their store.

  29. Salty says :

    Just thinking.

    What if all the different and contradictory information, say for one example, about our past history is all true?

    Edgar Cayce says the dinosaur pests were deliberately killed by the ‘Death Ray’.

    Info from Dolores says it was because of “…..a natural process in the tilt of the axis which caused the seasons to change abruptly.”

    So, just thinking, maybe all explanations are true depending on which reality, dimension, timeline, or whatever, they are getting, or giving their information from.

    Dumb thought??

    • pollyann says :

      No, not a dumb thought but in this instance there is no way I could believe the tilting of the axis could be the result of a “natural process.” That’s me. I also have huge issues of talk of evolution — spiritual. physical or otherwise. Just my two cents.

  30. Salty says :

    Free pdf of John Hogue’s book
    Nostradamus: The War with Iran – Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse

  31. Salty says :

    I don’t know what to make of this, and I don’t have time to look into it now so I’m putting these links here.

    Bank Of Canada Lawsuit Thrown Out Of Court: Will Be Appealed


  32. Salty says :

    There might be some interesting interviews here.
    Here is a Jay Weidner interview from Aug 12, 2013

  33. Martijn says :

    Salty, I lost track of this confab thread. You created a new one. 😉
    How many replies can one thread accommodate, before you think it’s enough?

    • Salty says :

      Hi Martijn,
      You are in Confab # 2!! LOL!
      I was confused for a moment thinking that somehow a Confab # 4 was created and I didn’t do it!!

      As far as I know it’s unlimited. As I said at the top of Confab # 3, I choose to create a new page whenever the comments reach around 100.

      • Martijn says :


        In a long thread, the screen starts to show hitches at some point, isn’t it.

        • Salty says :

          Hi Martijn,
          Yep, especially if there are videos posted, that’s why I asked to use parentheses around them.
          It’s also because it makes it easier for readers to comment.
          As new comments are posted in other posts the older comments will drop off in “Recent Comments” on the right on my home page, so the only way for a reader to post a new comment, in for example Confab is to click on it then scroll down all the way to the end of the thread.
          You know what I mean?
          If there is a comment showing in “Recent Comments” then it’s pretty easy to get to the end of that page.

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