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  1. Salty says :

    Duncan has a new website. I haven’t checked it all out yet but there are comments there

  2. Salty says :

    Jay Weidner is the second guest tonight October 10 / 13 on Rense.

    If Rense does things as he usually does then the second guest comes on at 8 PM PDT.
    It’s 6:48 PM PDT right now.
    Gerald Celente is the first guest tonight.
    Scroll down for the guest list.

  3. Salty says :

    Hmmmm. Tasty Canadians???

    In this show Art Bell, out of the blue, asks a Canadian if he gets upset when he hears the phrase “Tasty Canadian”. At the end of this call Art whispers something. I’m not sure what he is saying but it might be
    “Tasty idiots” or, “Hasty and idiots”. Or maybe something else, I not sure.

    The Canadian call starts at about 53 min 9 seconds. Art whispers at about 55 min 50 sec.
    Open Lines – Art Bell – October 10 2013 – Dark Matter – 10-10-13


  4. pollyann says :

    If I didn’t come across something like this article on a fairly regular basis I’d probably be stark raving mad by now. Lol!! I’m not kidding though. What Z. has written is something to contemplate, for me anyway. My nervous system is very taxed. I found some relief in this article only because it is very possible, imho.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Polly,
      Re >>>
      “Some powerful higher dimensional beings intervened”
      We need a whole lot more of that imho, and he says there will be “another intervention of some nature.”

      That’s interesting about Canada. I hear quite a bit about these underground bases in the US, but I almost never hear anything about ones in Canada.

    • pollyann says :

      Regarding the Livingstone name, the article above written by a Livingstone, a name I love for some reason: Ahhh, I have a Livingstone in my family tree on my dad’s side. My first ancestor of that limb from Scotland who migrated to America, Hugh Cunningham, was married to a Livingstone in Scotland, his first wife (Jane), who died over there. He migrated to America in about 1804 with his son from his second marriage (she died, too) and it took three months to arrive here. Good Lord!! I can’t imagine but that’s the way travel was back then and many did it in hope of a new and better life.

  5. pollyann says :

    Hi Salty, I am watching closely to see what kind of intervention occurs with the default situation. I am counting on it and have been “working” on it myself.

    I thought it was interesting about Canada, too, which is why I posted it here for you. 🙂 I keep in mind that some events may not be “bad” at all but are intervention. A few people have reported that better energies have been coming through. I know this is true because of that cosmic ray I felt a few weeks ago. That’s not to say I am now a happy, healthy, non-screwed up person but I felt that energy very well. 🙂

    I like your new header. It’s very vibrant.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Polly,
      Regarding the energies. I felt a switch to over all better energies quite a while ago. However, I definitely feel a tug of war going on, and at times the ‘False’ wins, but I think ‘Good’ is the stronger now and in the end will triumph.

      Thanks! Unless I come across a better one (I’m not going to be looking) I think I’ll keep this header for a while.
      I seen somewhere in my controls that snow is checked by default but it says that not all themes allow it so I’m just going to have to wait and see. I really hope my theme allows snow.

  6. Martijn says :

    Nice piece of weave silking in your new header, Salty. 😉 That’s a more personal one as well, you’ve created here. I like it, too.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Martijn,
      Thanks! Now that you mention it it does look like it might be weavesilk.
      I found the colorful background in Google images, re-sized it, and added my blog name.

  7. Salty says :

    Re Art Bell. What is up with that guy!!!

    That dude is fickle!!

    Sirius builds him a studio in his home which sounds like it cost Big Bucks.

    He’s only been on air since Sept 16 or 17 and for the last few days he been saying that if the US Govt defaults then he is going to pick up and move back to the Philippines.

    Now he says (last night) “The kick the can bill” looks like it will pass and he is still considering returning to the Philippines.


    It seems to me that Sirius might have something to say about that considering that they paid for his studio, and Art must have a contract with them to do a certain number of shows, or for a certain length of time.

    Sometimes Art is just Weird!! Like he’s got a screw loose or something.

    More and more he is sounding like a fear monger and a shill to me.

    Btw. What John Hogue said about his last interview with Art Bell. He’s right. It sounded to me like Art does not like John and went into the attack mode.

  8. Salty says :


    Just thinking.
    Last night a caller named Paul called in to Clyde’s show to tell him that XM dropped the feed when they went to a break after Clyde had a panic attack because he said something (a ghost, the Zodiac killer) grabbed him around the throat, his body went cold, he couldn’t breath and felt like he was loosing it and going to ‘phase out’.
    Sirius played a recording over and over saying this station is no longer available.

    What I didn’t know last night, and found out while listening to the YT video this morning was that Art Bell had the ‘Ghost Buster Gals’ on his show last night and guess what they were talking about? (before Clyde’s experience)

    Possession and shove-ins that take control of a persons microphone (voice) ect, etc.

    Art jokingly said “Oh no! You mean like of a talk show host?!”

    No wonder Sirius XM dropped the feed.

    Sooo, a coincidence?

    Done deliberately?

    Set up by tptb? and neither Clyde, or the ladies on Art’s show, or Art knew anything about it?

    An amazing wonderful synchronicity that will be repeatedly talked about for god knows how long?


    Also, and I didn’t really think either Coast of Art would stoop to this but the ‘Ghost Buster Gals’ were scheduled to be on Coast on Oct 29/13.

    They said that they were contacted by the Coast producer Tom D.
    Tom found out that they were booked on Art’s show for last night Oct 17/13.

    You have to listen to the YT video to hear all of it but in a nut shell Tom gave them the choice, of which show they wanted to be on because they couldn’t be on Coast on the 29 if they went on Art’s show last night. Tom didn’t offer to rebook them at a later date.

    Obviously the Gal’s chose to be on Art’s show.

    And, Art said that George has said publicly that he (George Norry) has full control of who comes on Coast.
    That’s Not true! Personally I have never heard G N say that. I have heard him say that he is not the one that makes those decisions.

    Also, I’ve been wondering why Hoagland hasn’t been on Coast and according to Art, Richard C said that he hasn’t heard from Coast since he was on Art’s show.
    It looks like Coast and Art have a stupid feud going on.

    Ghost Buster Gals – Art Bell’s Dark Matter – October 17 2013 – Dark Matter – 10-17-13

    • pollyann says :

      Hi Salty, I am going to address one subject. I have not listened to any of what you have mentioned but I did hear Clyde briefly describe tonight a short while ago what happened to him last night as far as being attacked by an entity. What happened to him is very, very serious and could have ongoing repercussions to his health and well-being. I could hear it in his voice. He has mentioned on other shows about having many paranormal experiences and I’d say this one is not to be taken lightly for one second.

      • Salty says :

        Hi Polly,
        IF it was Not BS then it is VERY serious indeed, and I agree it could have Very serious and Ongoing repercussions. A caller tried to tell Clyde that, and that he shouldn’t mess with this. Clyde seem confident he is not in any danger and is okay and knows how to deal with it. (my wording)
        I agree that Clyde should Not mess with this stuff, and IF this happened for real then he has too much confidence in himself and his abilities. He is in over his head.

        However, at the moment I am not convinced that what happened to Clyde last night was not pre-planned, and just an act, and so far from what I have heard tonight on Clyde’s show it makes me even more suspicious than I was last night.

        Here is a podcast of Clyde’s show
        ‘Mazzaroth: The Zodiac Connections’ – October 17, 2013

        • pollyann says :

          Thanks for the link, Salty. I won’t listen because I intentionally did not listen to the show live as I did not want to be a part of that kind of energy, as in seeking to make contact with a dead person who was a killer in life. It’s not what I would call spiritually useful. I’m too sensitive to subject myself to that kind of thing. 🙂 I just thought I would mention what I sensed when I listened to Clyde describe the attack. I’m not suspicious and went by my sensing abilities as always which have to be neutral. I don’t think it was an act but I do think the idea for the show was done to generate ratings for this month since Clyde has experience with this sort of thing. Just my two cents. I had no idea I was going to hear Clyde describe the attack. I happened to turn on the show way after it began tonight.
          There’s a lot I could say about Art, George and Clyde, etc., but my perspective is different. I don’t have the energy right now to address it. Ha-ha. I think I should have skipped responding to this subject but what I heard in Clyde’s voice worried me for a little while. The moon is full, passions are high and I should go to bed. Ttyl. 🙂 Take care and have a good night.

          • Salty says :

            Hi Polly,
            You are right about the energy and wise to stay away from it. It’s not spiritually useful imo either.
            I get pissed off at that kind of energy. If I would have felt fear, or felt the energy coming at me personally, or sensed that I shouldn’t listen I would have turned it off. The show sounded phony to me. Anyway, real or not the energy was Not good.

            >>>>> “I do think the idea for the show was done to generate ratings for this month”

            >>>> “There’s a lot I could say about Art, George and Clyde, etc., but my perspective is different.”
            Polly, if ever you have the energy I would LOVE to hear your perspective!! A#135 A#135 A#135 A#135

            I haven’t listened to very many of Art’s old shows so all I know of him is from his Dark Matter show. But GOOD GRIEF!! He is getting older so maybe he’s a bit demented.
            Anyway, no matter who I always keep in mind that unknown to them, they may be manipulated/used by tptb.

            • pollyann says :

              One thought — Art was masterful in his day and provided a platform for the many, fringe at the time, subjects which were not being discussed on radio or any large media outlet. He was the pioneer, the ground-breaker. George’s role, and there is no comparison between the two, imho, they are each in a different class, has been very different. George has built many bridges between the fringe and the mainstream which I feel has been absolutely vital and pivotal. Both men have made great contributions in their own right.

              • Salty says :

                Thanks Polly, I appreciate you commenting!A#135

                Re >>>> “George has built many bridges between the fringe and the mainstream”
                Even in my short time listening to Coast, since 2010, I also have noticed that.

                I heard soo many people rave about how good a host Art was that perhaps my expectations were too high to begin with.
                There is something wrong there though, in his shows and in him. Maybe it wasn’t there before. And there is a nastiness in him that I wasn’t expecting.

                I get the impression that if Art is out to get you he won’t be pulling too many punches!

                But I still appreciate Art for pioneering, George for building bridges.

                I hope Clyde watches his back because the ‘Top Dogs’ are most likely going to go after him. I think they have already started.

                Top Dogs = George, Art, their associates, and those they work for, such as Premiere Radio and Sirius. There are probably others too, but that’s what comes to mind right now.

                Thanks again for your input Polly!

  9. pollyann says :

    Derrel Sims with John B. Wells. Excellent discussion as of this post!! (Look out Dolores Cannon!! Lol!!) I started laughing when John B. said, “Good Grief!,” after something Derrel said. Listen for it. (It had nothing to do with Dolores. I happened to think of her attitude that the abductions are good and all is well. Not!!)

    • Salty says :

      Hi Polly,
      There seem to be a lot of strange people that say all aliens are good.

      I enjoyed that interview too. That guy’s got a lot of ‘tude’ LOL! I like it!!
      I remember John saying that but I don’t remember why. I might listen again later.

      A caller gave some interesting info about the Vatican and Pope. I don’t think I knew that before, or if I did then I forgot.

      In a Coast show not too long ago there was a lady on that said exactly this “Look to yourself.” !!!!.
      Now, where have we heard that before??!!!
      If not a client, then she must have been at least be a reader over there.
      We should sic Liz on her. LOL!!

      The reason she came to mind is because, if I recall correctly, (correct me if I’m wrong) she also believes that all aliens are good.

      • Salty says :

        Polly, you there??

        • pollyann says :

          Yep. What’s up??

          • Salty says :

            Hi, Be right back.

            • pollyann says :

              OK. I’m nearby.

              • Salty says :

                Hi Polly,
                I heard this live last night so this can’t be blamed on the uploader.
                Last night as you know they were having some “external interference”.
                After Derrel’s interview they aired a repeat interview as though it were live. No mention that it was a repeat. Do you hear him say last night that they were going to air a previous broadcast?
                Here is the video

                I thought it was probably because of the problems they were having and it very well may have been but I went to their site earlier and there is no mention of this there that I can see. Can you see anything there about that??
                I don’t get updates for some US sites as soon as you do in the US. I think it has something to do with servers.

                • Salty says :

                  I forgot to say. FF to about 1 hr 51 mins or so.

                • pollyann says :

                  John B. said good-bye at almost 4 AM EST my time, right before the top of the hour break, and then an announcer said after the break (not verbatim) there would be open lines next and not to call in because it was a repeat. The two hours that Darrel was on sounded terrible on radio, I could tell they were having to transmit in a different way, and it was obvious there was interference going on — not surprising.

                  • Salty says :

                    Hi Polly,
                    I didn’t hear him say anything about rebroadcasting that last night and it’s not in the YT vid.
                    After he says that he will be contacting Derrel he says
                    “Sorry about the poor transmission quality tonight but you know as we say out here in space, stuff happens, take care, I’ll talk to you later, this is Coast To Coast Am”.
                    I guess that was him signing off but I thought he was talking to Derrel. Lol!

                    Something different and odd has been going on with radio transmissions lately.

                    The other night something a bit weird happened when I turned on the radio. Our local station was nowhere to be found!
                    A blaring loud station was Everywhere. Perhaps there is a technical explanation for that, I don’t know, but that’s never happened to me before.
                    I checked the solar data page to see if something was going on there but all was quiet.
                    There have been other odd radio transmission things happening recently and I wish I would have made a note of them but I didn’t. I sure will from now on though.

                    • pollyann says :

                      Apparently, the YouTubers cut out stuff besides commercial breaks. The whole show was compromised, even the first hour. There’s a note about the last hour being a replay of open lines from 2011 at the Coast website in the recap section.

                      That’s very interesting about radio problems of late. Did you turn on the radio to listen to Clyde or Coast or some other station?? It’s hard to say if it’s all technical issues or it’s spook interference because of subject matter or some of each.

                    • Salty says :

                      Hi Polly. Thanks.
                      The uploader always cuts out music and commercials. This vid is pretty good as far as what I heard live last night. I couldn’t hear short bits of the live show as it was choppy, because of the “external interference” I guess.
                      He does tend to edit things out for his own ends though. 😡

                      I turned it on to listen to Coast. I don’t get Clyde’s show on the radio so I have to listen to Clyde online.

                      I’m cooking dinner right now so I’ll reply to your most recent comment later.

                    • pollyann says :

                      My radios, both electric and battery, when on the particular AM band I listen to (which is a low frequency band, 560) have been picking up a weird, high-pitched pulsing noise in the last several weeks and I don’t know if it’s coming from someone’s tech. device in the building or if it’s coming from some other source, like a frequency being pulsed, or pulsing, through the ground.

                    • Salty says :

                      Hi Polly,
                      I heard something like that on the AM radio too in recent weeks.
                      It was in the background as I was listening to Coast, and lasted for an hour or more before I realized it sounded like it might be Morse Code.
                      I ran to get a pen and paper but it disappeared a couple of seconds later, too soon to get anything on paper.
                      I don’t know Morse Code but I was going to make note of long and short, then try to figure out if it was Morse, and what it said.
                      I don’t think they use that for communicating anymore. In case it happens again, I have pen and paper handy now.

                      I don’t know anything about radio transmissions. I did wonder if they are putting something new in chemtrails, or maybe there is too much of that chemtrail crap up there already and it’s affecting radio.
                      Just thinking. I know zero about this.

                    • Salty says :

                      Radio reception is BAD today Oct 22/13. We can hardly hear what they are saying because of the static, also, an annoying tone, and for awhile it sounded like someone was repeatedly dialing a phone.

  10. Martijn says :

    Do you still see invisible chimneys producing chemtrails, Salty? This came to mind, after reading the above.
    My current understanding is that this entire chemtrail operation isn’t done by real planes at all, but done by objects/orbs/UFO’s that merely project the image of a plane by means of a hologram. Perhaps even extra-dimensional ones.
    They are not real planes, I believe.

    I don’t think there is much evidence on the ground, if any, of this enormous worldwide chemtrail operation. No footage, photographs and witness reports of chemtrail planes taking off or landing anywhere. No known infrastructure, no pilots, no ground personnel that are involved in this mega project. Nothing of this, or close to nothing.

    They aren’t so-called drones either, I believe. They pop up pretty much out of nowhere, happening all over the globe, and then disappear as suddenly and quickly as they’ve appeared. It’s all very obscure.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Martijn,
      The chemtrailing around here hasn’t been too bad this year so far. I’ve only seen the chemtrails that start in the middle of the sky that seem to be pumped out of an invisible chimney and go straight up, 2 or 3 times this year. They are weird.

      I tend to agree with your current understanding for the most part, but I think that some real planes are involved too.
      Many moons ago on Red Ice there was an interview with a lady and as I recall she explained at length about chemtrails, who is doing that, and if I recall correctly she had proof, and I think it was her that explained the infrastructure. Also on Red Ice an interview with a man and he had his proof too. I don’t remember what their proof was but it didn’t have anything to do with orbs, holograms, etc.

      Re >>>> “They pop up pretty much out of nowhere, happening all over the globe, and then disappear as suddenly and quickly as they’ve appeared.”
      I’ve watched them do that. Pop up then disappear.

      I haven’t had time to read this yet and if it looks like it’s worth posting I’ll do that later.
      But for now here is a recent article.

      NASA Scientist Admits Chemtrails!

  11. Salty says :

    Hi Polly,
    i know you aren’t feeling well Polly, and you don’t want to be around negative energy, so please don’t feel pressured to watch the video, or even respond to this comment.

    Holy sh*t!! This video has been on YT since Oct 18 but I just seen it now.

    Ookaaay, Unless Clyde is a Very good actor, and maybe he is, I don’t know, but it looks like he is Not faking it.

    I still don’t believe that voice. It’s too clear, especially when it says Clyde.

    Anyway, I’m less sure than I was that Clyde is faking it, but not 100% convinced that he isn’t.

    Maybe it’s unknown to Clyde, but I still think that the guys doing the investigation might be up to no good and doing something negative with the energy.
    And that they are the ones behind the voice(s).

    Hopeless Necromantic Posted on October 21, 2013 by Clyde Lewis in Articles

  12. Salty says :


    I can’t draw, and I draw even worse in paint. This is the best I can do but you’ll get a good idea of what I saw tonight Oct 22/13, as the sun was setting.

    I’m calling this a chemtrail because I don’t know what else to call it. It definitely is the WEIRDEST chemtrail I’ve EVER seen!

    I saw it at sunset so it was a brilliant, fiery orange/red. It looked like the plane dropped something, – a chemtrail bomb, instead of spraying their usual way.
    After the ‘bomb’ was dropped the chemtrailing stopped and as the plane climbed it didn’t leave more chemtrail, just a short streak behind it.


    • Martijn says :

      Yes, those specific chemtrails don’t seem to really disperse, and sort of hang crooked in the sky. Your drawing of that chemtrail looks like a mop to me. I have seen those crooked chemtrails often, but not really that specific mop shape you drew here.

      Btw, that scientist in that video seems to suggest that chemtrailing is done for air purification. Lithium and such. That is doubtful at least, as far as I’m concerned.

      • Salty says :

        Hi Martijn,
        A mop is exactly what I thought it looked like too when I seen it.

        I just listened again and I didn’t hear him suggest that.

        Also I just realized that he is talking about chemtrails from rockets,

        I don’t think he is talking about the same chemtrails that we are that come from planes (or whatever those things are).
        I didn’t know they used rockets.

        You know what else I just realized after watching the video again?!

        Near the end of the video about 4 min 50 sec those chemtrails look like blobs, not shaped exactly like the one I seen last night, but closer to that than the usual ones I see.

        Sooo, if what I seen yesterday was a chemtrail from a rocket and not a plane, or whatever, as I took for granted it was, then I can’t imagine where it would have been launched from!

        • Martijn says :

          I think that’s right, this scientist merely talks about certain experiments being conducted with the use of rockets. He uses the term ‘chemtrails’, but doesn’t mean the daily treat of trails and haze we get from ‘planes’ and other obscure methods. He doesn’t think and talk about the same thing as the woman who is thinking about who us asking him those questions.

          I think there are also invisible/cloaked crafts, as I guess I could to call them, that disperse chemtrail haze in the sky. These are not trails, but haze that forms all over the place out of nowhere, seemingly. Like in this video:

          These common chemtrails are produced by an obscure method. Certainly not with the use of rockets, and I’m quite sure real planes aren’t involved in that either.

          • Salty says :

            Martijn, Sue the lady asking the questions is talking about rockets also. You can hear her say that in the video before 40 seconds in.

            Sometimes there definitely is an invisible something pumping out chemtrails, as for example my invisible ‘chimney’.

            I wonder if technology exists that allows them to launch a ‘chemtrail’ rocket, have it travel hundreds, or thousands of miles, then release the chemtrail.
            Perhaps that would explain at least some of the chemtrails that are not made by planes.

            • Salty says :

              Just thinking.
              I was thinking about what I said above and if that technology does exist then what happens to those rockets after they have accomplished their mission. Where do they go, or do they land somewhere etc etc.
              Peter Davenport and others have been getting HUGE volumes of reports of orange and other colored fireballs that are seen all over.
              Maybe some of the fireballs are the used rockets burning out.

              • Martijn says :

                That rocket-chemtrail theory sounds to me far out. That’s in my estimation almost as impossible as the suggestion that all this is done by real planes and all the infrastructure and personnel that comes with all this global spraying of all these chemtrails and haze.

                In my estimation, it is either done with the use of technology, conducted by humans, that is way ahead of what we see in public, and basically beyond science fiction, OR this entire global chemtrail operation is carried out by some unidentified alien force, possibly even an extra-dimensional force.

              • Martijn says :

                This night, at around 19.00 and it was already quite dark, I saw an anomalous pin-head of light moving horizontally in the sky, when I went out on my bike for some groceries and eating.
                I followed this light and saw it disappear behind a cloud. I kept looking to see if this light would reappear from behind that cloud, and a short while later I saw a plane with those typical flickering lights emerging from behind that same cloud.
                I didn’t actually see it shapeshift, but my strong suspicion is that this pin-head of light shapeshifted into a plane behind that cloud.
                These ‘planes’ fly/hover every night above the area here; at least 5 of them. They pop up out of nowhere seemingly, as well, just as those chemtrailing ‘planes’ in the daytime.

                Weird stuff.

                • Salty says :

                  Martijn, Interesting! Thanks for sharing that!
                  You have mentioned those planes being there every night for a few years now. That’s a little creepy!
                  Re shapeshifting. Just thinking. Instead of shapeshifting do you think that it could be that the pin-head light might have became more fully ‘decloaked’ than it was before it went behind the cloud?

                  EDIT Just to clarify. I mean those planes being there is creepy. I don’t mean your mentioning those planes is creepy.

                  • Martijn says :

                    Perhaps it is a ‘decloak’ of some kind. I cannot tell.
                    Yes, these planes enter the scene at dusk here; EVERY evening. They are black/dark in colour and usually fly the same patterns and don’t leave chemtrails.
                    I saw them coming again this evening. On such moments I wish I had a camera that would capture enough details.

                    I looked into the sky from my balcony and saw again a ball of light moving, and then it turned around 180 degrees and shortly after that turn around it really morphed from a ball of light into an obscure plane. Rather quickly, the ball first glowed a little larger and hey presto, there’s a plane. It was higher in altitude than the pin-head of light I saw on Saturday, and the sky was still quite light at about 17.05.

                    • Salty says :

                      Hi Martijn,
                      That’s really weird! Do they stay up there long? Do you live near a military base? I can’t imagine what they could be doing up there every evening.

                      The ball of light you see is strange too! Are the planes in the sky at the same time that you see the balls of light?

                      Has anybody ever reported this light ball UFO?

      • Martijn says :

        It was someone in the comments underneath that article who suggested Lithium in the form of chemtrails might be used for air purification, not that scientist. Sorry for the confusion.

  13. Salty says :

    It feels wrong today. Uneasy.
    You know how it feels when for example you wake up in the morning and before you even open your eyes you can sense that it’s snowing out. You get up, look out and it’s snowing.

    It feels like it’s snowing today. It felt like that a couple of days ago too. The temp when I got up this morning was 6 C = 42.8 F and was about the same a couple of days ago too, so no way it’s gonna snow.

    I mentioned to hubby that it feels wrong today, like it’s going to snow, and he said “I know!! It feels like Christmas!”

    I don’t know what’s up with that but it’s weird, and kinda creepy!

  14. pollyann says :

    Check your email.

  15. Salty says :

    I didn’t have time to read all this yet, I just scanned through it.
    It looks like Duncan is going to end up having the same problems on this new site as he did on the old blog.

    It will be interesting to see what he has to say about Aleister Crowley in his next blog.

    October 24, 2013

  16. Salty says :

    I think this might be interesting!!! I hope to listen to it tonight.

    Mike Clelland!: The Owls of Synchronicity

  17. Martijn says :

    These planes hover above the area for hours in the evening and night. No, there is no military base here close by.
    If these supposed planes, just like the chemtrailers, would take off somewhere from the ground, an airfield of some sort, they would have been spotted long time ago, but no spotting of them has been reported.

    This evening it was quite clear outside at dusk, so I could watch them enter the scene quite easily. If it is indeed all a matter of balls of light decloaking or transforming into such a plane, then this usually happens not above the area itself. I can see them coming in from outside at some point. So I guess they start off just outside the residential area and then fly in, as I have seen them doing numerous times (the flying in).

  18. Martijn says :

    It seems to me these planes are perhaps conducting or marking something.
    Perhaps stabilisers, beacons, conducts for something else, or perhaps they indeed give off something invisible… I cannot tell. I know for sure that they are doing something, something that isn’t reported in anything mainstream and also not much reported in the alternative.

    Have you never noticed such obscure planes in the evening and night?

    This video I found kinda interesting to watch. From Bernhard Günther again:


    • Martijn says :

      These particular planes look like this in the dark. They constantly blink.

      • Salty says :

        Hi Martijn,
        Re >>> “Have you never noticed such obscure planes in the evening and night?”
        We live not far from an airport so we see planes coming and going often. We did have a plane circling overhead one night, we watched it for quite a while then I went to bed and it was still circling. There was low cloud but we could see the light flashing, it sounded like a small plane.
        Strange these planes you see. In the second video they say it’s a holographic plane.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Martijn,
      That’s a pretty good video!
      I’ll watch your plane videos later when I have more time. They automatically went for moderation because you there was more than one link.

  19. Salty says :

    Jordan Maxwell is on Rense tonight October 30 / 13.

  20. Salty says :

    Has anyone else noticed the Excessive halloween hype going on this year?
    Have you guys seen anything on the internet, or anywhere else saying that there is something about this year that is special occult wise? Besides it being 2013.
    It’s just way over the top compared to what I’ve heard in previous years.
    I’m SO sick and tired of all this, and I’m glad haloween is finally here. Maybe they will get off it now!

  21. pollyann says :

    Oh, my! Duncan Cameron Is going to be on Coast Nov. 11th. I met him in at a seminar in 2001. What a trip that was.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Polly,
      Re >>> “What a trip that was.”
      It sounds like you had a good time meeting him. ?. Do you have time to share a bit about it?

      You may have mentioned meeting him before, or was that someone else?
      If I’ve heard an interview of his before then I’ve forgotten, so I’m putting this link to his website here and will check it out later.

      • Salty says :

        I got impatient waiting to see if my theme would allow for WP snow so I put falling snow in my header.
        Hubby seen a couple of snow flakes this afternoon but it’s too warm to stick.
        The last time I looked other parts of B.C. and Washington State are under a heavy snow fall warning.

      • pollyann says :

        It was a weird trip to the nth degree!! Freaky and weird as all heck. It was right after nine, eleven and the seminar was about Montauk. I had a horrendous emotional reaction to Duncan while he was speaking to the audience. It’s too complicated to explain. I did talk to him a bit outside during a break. His brain was so damaged during his time at Montauk he should not be able to function at all but he is functioning still in whatever capacity. I haven’t kept up with him so I don’t know anything about what he has been doing. I haven’t checked out his website yet.

        • pollyann says :

          I can see by his website, his photo, what types of services he offers and what he charges for them that he must be doing a whole lot better than the last I knew. I’m glad for that.

          • Salty says :

            Hi Polly,
            G N said Duncan was not available and would would be on at a later date.
            The prices!!! 😯 If I had the money I think I might try it.
            SS mentioned a Duncan in a YT vid not long ago and I wondered if he was talking about D O but maybe he was talking about D C.

            Crickets! This is way cool. Created by Jim Wilson and Duncan Cameron in 1992(?)
            AMAZING!!! “Gods Cricket Chorus”… You Have to Hear it to Believe it!!!

            • pollyann says :

              The cricket chorus brought tears to my eyes and I felt the sound resonating in my body, and is more evidence that the demiurge/archons did NOT create this planet and it does not need to be destroyed, it just needs to be FREED so we can work together with Sophia in the way we inherently know to do.

              I have no way of knowing how effective Duncan’s services are unless I come across someone who is acquainted with what he does and knows. Hmm. I may be able to find out in the future. I’m amazed that he has come that far since I last heard how he was doing.

              • Salty says :

                Hi Polly,
                It brought tears to my eyes too, and soothing.
                Duncan “Zapped” it.

                I agree, not destroyed. FREED!
                Re >>> “Hmm. I may be able to find out in the future.”
                I hope you can!
                So far I haven’t found any new stuff out there about him, nor any new interviews.. I’m still looking.
                There’s not much old stuff out there either. Here is a 2001 interview. I haven’t listened yet.


                • pollyann says :

                  He is smart not to have his stuff all over the Internet.

                  Would your husband be willing to sit in front of your PC monitor and listen to the cricket chorus a few times??

                  • Salty says :

                    Hi Polly,
                    I downloaded it and had it on repeat for a couple of hours this afternoon so he was listening and he likes it!!!
                    He wasn’t exactly sitting here relaxing while it was playing but I just asked and he would be willing to do that.
                    I listened to the first few minutes of the interview and I think Duncan doesn’t want what he says to be misconstrued so it seems that why he doesn’t like to do interviews.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Polly,
      I just noticed that Duncan Cameron will be on Coast Nov 4 /13 not Nov 11/13.

      • pollyann says :

        The notice I received gave two different dates for Duncan’s appearance on Coast. The first one listed was for the 11th, then the 4th was listed later in the text so it seemed to be an error. I chose the 11th. Duncan was a no show on the 4th, which isn’t surprising considering the HELL that man has been through and is probably still going through, so I hope he is able to reschedule.

  22. Martijn says :

    Well, initially I thought the snow was a little early, but then realised we are already at the beginning of November and Christmas is only 7 weeks away.

    So far, no snow here. It’s been hailing today further on, I heard.

  23. Salty says :

    Last night on Coast John Gray was on and offered a free copy of his new book for this week only.
    From listening to his interview last night there is A Lot of useful information in there!
    The Mars Venus Wellness Solution For Focus
    Coast To Coast Am – November 6 2013 – ADHD & Supplements/ Shadow People

  24. pollyann says :

    Salty, I’m really dragging today, big time. I feel drained and like I could keel over at any second. I had more energy than usual during the first part of the week which I was attributing to my ongoing detox regimen and now I’m at the opposite end of the spectrum. How are you doing today? Is it just me?

    • Salty says :

      Hi Polly,
      I have no energy, I’m upset and concerned about ‘those things’ that I don’t want to talk about, I’m uninterested in just about everything, and thinking about shutting down my blog. But I’m not going to make that decision until after mercury comes out of retrograde. I read somewhere that it is not a good idea to begin or end things while Mercury is retro.
      Hope we both have a better day tomorrow!!


      • pollyann says :

        So, it’s not just me. Salty, I know for a fact that when Mercury is deepest into it’s optical illusion retrograde, one’s energy can really tank and communication can dry up. You are right not to make a decision about your blog at this time because it’s only temporary. I’m sorry you are feeling upset and I understand. I’m upset about all sorts of things as well but am trying not to let them do me in even more. My life seems to be about not letting events destroy me. You know, my sister was killed in the dark of the moon (emotional pits) and way into the last Mercury retrograde at it’s low point (criminal activity). I’m upset about other ongoing issues but I thought that worth noting. I hope we both feel better tomorrow, too.

        • pollyann says :

          The massive typhoon, Yolanda, was more than likely effecting the whole globe, too. That thing sure pulled in a vast amount of energy.

          • pollyann says :

            How are you, Salty?

            • Salty says :

              Hi Polly,
              I’m okay. I’ve been signed out of my blog since early yesterday afternoon and just got here a short while ago.
              So far today I haven’t found anything I care to post, so I might sign out early again today too. I’m not sure yet.
              To keep my mind off things I’ve been playing free adventure, hidden object, puzzle, etc, games for the last couple of days.

              How are you doing today?

              • pollyann says :

                I became involved in doing a lot of laundry, vacuuming and other miscellaneous chores today so I’ve been busy. Other than that there’s not much going on here. it’s cold and in the 30’s with a stiff breeze. (Stiff breeze. Lol!)
                Playing those kinds of games can be a way to reset the mind.

                • pollyann says :

                  Salty, Is it alright to ask how your husband is doing?

                  • Salty says :

                    Hi Polly,
                    He is doing okay but is a little worse than he was and is experiencing some pain on the other side now. He’s restricted in what he can do and very frustrated about that. Walking too much is bothering him now, and even playing guitar hurts from sitting in position so he can’t play as long, or as often as he likes to. He is waiting for the clinic to phone with an appointment to a specialist. and also is worried about the long wait time for surgery after he finally sees a specialist. He’s sad and depressed a lot.
                    The good news is that the bowel movements problem has improved somewhat since he started eating porridge every day.

                    Crazy store doesn’t have ‘real’ porridge!! They have just have flakes and the instant crap. He bought a bag of flakes, the kind that ‘cooks in 4-5 minutes’ for now, but next time we’ll get rolled oats or steel cut oats even if we have to go to every store in town to find it!!
                    The flakes are helping so the real porridge will be even better.

                    • Salty says :

                      I found last nights Coast show very interesting!
                      David Sereda talks about many things. The recap of the show on the Coast site really doesn’t do it justice.
                      One thing he talked about was what health is and said that it’s being ‘in tune’ with various planet frequencies.
                      That fits with what Christians, EC, and others say about flowing against gods ways. Going against the creative forces which results in not the True but is False.
                      While speaking of Fukushima, radiation, and the sea life die offs he said that if harmonic frequencies were transmitted/broadcasted then healing would happen.
                      Those are my words and it is always best to listen to him.


                    • pollyann says :

                      I’m so sorry, Salty! That is such a difficult situation for the both of you!! I hope the clinic calls very soon because at least that is movement instead of waiting and worrying. I will pray for the clinic to call with an appointment.
                      That is very good the bowels are moving again, at least. It’s a dire improvement. 🙂

                    • Salty says :

                      Hi Polly,
                      Thanks for your prayers! We appreciate it.
                      Lol! A very dire improvement indeed!! The extreme bloating goes down sometimes now, where as before it didn’t, and that is at least a little less discomfort for him.

  25. Salty says :

    Duncan is saying that Khris was murdered. Whatever!!! I’m taking this with a bag of salt!!! I always wondered why D & M never said anything about Khris after his death though.
    Personally I will wait to hear all that Duncan has to say about it.
    When I first found out Khris had died that thought did cross my mind but as you all know there was not much info out there so when I heard what the cause of death was, I dismissed it. Also at the time I wondered if it was suicide.

    Murderers, Liars, and Thieves – An Exposee
    D & M will be on offplanet radio tonight and maybe they will say more about Khris tonight.
    A Face in the Trees and More – D&M on Off Planet Radio TONIGHT After Hours!

      • Salty says :

        WOW!!! What an interview!!!! A#135
        It’s after midnight and I’m going back to bed now and listen to the rest of the interview on Coast with Roger Stone, but I just had to come here and say that.
        It’s definitely not the same old same old that I usually hear!!! I’m posting it tomorrow.

        • Salty says :

          Weird, creepy, and scary vision dream. I can’t get it out of my mind.

          Last Thursday morning I woke up from this dream. I know it’s important and I’ve been trying to figure out the meaning of it.

          In my dream hubby had been contacted by people that had found a new place for us to live. (in reality we are not planing to move)
          We were standing in our old place (not here where we really live) and our building manager was there too, (our real building manager for where we really live) who in reality is a minion of tptb.

          As we are standing there waiting for these people to show up which I had not met yet, the building manager was laying down new red carpet.

          In the dream I was was wondering why she was in such a rush to put in the carpet before we were gone. (all out stuff was gone but we were still there)

          I also wondered why the carpet was red colored. That’s an unusual color to put in an apartment. (it was not a fancy upscale apartment)

          Also I noticed that she wasn’t doing a very good job as the carpet didn’t quite reach to the wall and there was a small space between the carpet and the wall.

          Every once in a while she would look up at us and I really didn’t like the sneaky up to something look on her face.
          In reality that she is up to something is a given.

          Then the people were coming. We were looking down a long dark hallway. There was back lighting and a hazy blue smokiness. First the man appeared, immediately after him the woman appeared. I couldn’t see there facial features but I was surprised that they were old people.

          The man said “That’s not her.” The woman said “It doesn’t matter, she’s the same height.”
          They turned around and disappeared. The dream ended and I woke up.

          Spooky and scary! These old people seemed other worldly to me. Maybe ghosts, but I don’t think so. Their intentions were Not good!!!

          • Salty says :

            Maybe the rubber is about to meet the road and I fear for our lives. Especially hubby’s.
            I don’t know if that’s the meaning of the dream or not. In light of all that has happened in the past it’s definitely a possibility.

            • pollyann says :

              Suggestions only!! FWIW.
              Say out loud — Neutralize all harmful energies in and around me, in and around my husband, in and around my apt., in and around my area. Do not say ‘I neutralize’… say ‘neutralize’ to give the creative forces a command. Do as many times a day as you think of it.
              Ask your guardian angels for guidance and help. Start chatting them up a lot.
              If your husband can tolerate you touching his feet, look up foot reflexology and start learning to do that. It’s easy and it helps everything. Go lightly at first. It opens up the energy meridians. All places in his body that hurt or are congested will have a corresponding sore spot on the feet.

          • pollyann says :

            One part – rolling out the red carpet is done for very important people.

      • Salty says :

        Interview about Khris.
        After Hours with Duncan and Miranda – 11/15/2013 – OffPlanet Radio
        Download link–2013-duncan-miranda.mp3
        Form what Randy said I don’t think this interview will be posted on YT, only D’s site.

        EDIT I don’t know why WP does this but I replied under my November 15, 2013 comment and it showed up down here!! 😡 This has happened to me before too. Maybe it will correct itself later.

        • pollyann says :

          I listened to the interview and, imo, I didn’t hear anything remarkable OR anything that convinces me of their conviction about Khris. Obviously they are not publicizing certain info and that is probably wise. Thanks for taking the time to post it, Salty.

  26. Salty says :

    I have been watching the Rob Ford news today.

    There may be a more modern way of saying this, and/or better words to use but I have no time to look that up right now.

    I see a man having a nervous breakdown in front of the entire world!

    I see a man on a high.

    By high I don’t mean using drugs. The high I’m talking about is part of the breakdown process, and is a common occurance for people with mental health issues.

    I see various ones encouraging him, enabling, and feeding his high, and because of that Rob Ford will fall even harder when he eventually comes down from that high.

    Over the years I have personally witnessed 3 different people go through this kind of high and the crash that comes afterwards.

    I feel for him. He needs help. If he doesn’t start coming down from his high soon, and maybe it’s already too late, then most people need serious meds to get off this high.

    • pollyann says :

      It makes me wince.

      • Salty says :

        Hi Polly,
        It’s horrible, isn’t it? A bunch of people seem to be getting a good laugh out of it all. Sick!

        It’s snowing!
        The first snow of the year, except for the up in higher areas of town.
        If the forecast is correct then it looks like it’s going to snow tomorrow too, and temps are going to be below zero for the next few days so it won’t be melting any time soon.

        • pollyann says :

          There are people who take pleasure in seeing others fall apart. I have not followed the story much except for hearing mention of it on the radio news and coming across a few articles.

          The snow must be pretty. It was over 60 degrees here today. Lol!!

  27. Salty says :

    I’m listening to James McCanney science hour. It started at 7PM Eastern
    I don’t know what the main subject is but he is talking about comet ISON right now. I’m hoping he will say more.
    Incase anyone is interested here is the link.

    • Salty says :

      I found James show interesting. He did talk more about ISON and will be talking about it next week too.
      He also told a story. To be very brief back in the 70’s he was somewhere near Belize and a Quetzal bird flew directly over his head, he seen the horns of Quetzalcoatl (plummed serpent, the comet) in it’s plumage on the underside of the bird.
      He says the comet from way back then turned into planet Venus.

  28. Salty says :

    Odds & ends.

    I’m not feeling too good today. Bad energies around here.

    Hubby went out earlier and isn’t home yet. I’m worried that he may have slipped and fell on the ice. If he’s not home in 1/2 hr I’ll freak!!!

    Stew must have changed his mind about not wanting to be on Coast since the last time I heard him say anything about it.

    The article Janet mentioned about the boy with 3 strand DNA is from 2011. She didn’t mention that, and the date is strangely not on the article but if you scroll down to comments they are from April 2011. I searched and there are no new articles about this that I can find. That makes me wonder why she is bringing that up now.

    • Salty says :

      Hubby is still not home and I’m freaking. He is always home by the time he says he will be and never more than 10 min late.
      I’m praying.

      • pollyann says :

        Do you know where he went, Salty?

        • Salty says :

          Hi Polly,
          Hubby got home a couple of min ago. I’ll be back after I talk to him.

          • Salty says :

            Hi Polly,
            What a relief it was to hear his key turning the door lock!!!
            I always know where he goes, and he never goes anywhere else without telling me first.
            He knows what time he left Denny’s to go to the store but he doesn’t know why it took him so to get home. He said he was going a bit slow because of the ice, but that doesn’t explain why it took that long to get home.
            It didn’t seem long to him and was surprised to see that I was so worried, he said somehow he must have lost track of the time.

            Anyway, he is home! WHEW!!! A#248 That’s the main thing!!!! A#135

  29. kobolila says :

    Have you been following AB’s Dark Matter page?

    Apparently he and his webmaster are working on creating a means that may allow him to have a show through a podcast; until that time though they are making available podcast on the paranormal by other hosts


  30. Salty says :

    Article and interview.

    2nd Article.
    Michael Hemmingson Linked to Killing of MK ULTRA Whistleblower Khris Neal
    November 27, 2013

    This interview is dedicated to Khris.
    Duncan O’Finioan and Miranda Kelley: Warrior Souls – Truth Connections Published on Nov 26, 2013


    D & M’s post for above video.

    • Salty says :

      That was a pretty good interview. They touch on many things and briefly some of those things are how D & M met, Aleister Crowley, making fireballs in your hand, Khris, and more.

  31. Salty says :

    I started a new Confab # 4 Page today. Please put your new comments there. Thanks.

  32. kobolila says :

    Hiya Salty! No time no speak. In case you havent seen it, Art Bell posted an update on his Facebook page:

    Hi all here is a update,

    Here is the way I see things: Starting in late July Dark Matter makes a return five nights a Week
    from 9PM-12AM P.T. on DMRN. The Stream will be at a higher bit rate and FREE to all.

    As I mentioned a Producer is needed and it looks like we have found a really good one, Paul will
    also be able to assist.

    I will be depending on all of YOU as well as my FB followers to spread the word far and wide on
    Social Media. A blitz if you will, BUT not yet, it’s still too early, but I will give you all the word, we don’t
    need magazine’s and we sure do not need AM radio to spread the word, Social media has far more
    power, I have seen what YOU can do.

    We will start building the Studio in March or so and as I have mentioned I will absorb the cost
    myself. This will be a labor of love because I do dearly love Talk Radio. There will only be enough content
    from anything else to give myself a short break every hour, or put another way, almost no commercials.

    There are other very exciting aspects of what this show will have, but again it is simply too early to give
    away what is coming. Trust me it is exciting.

    Art Bell

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