Confab # 4


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68 responses to “Confab # 4”

  1. Salty says :

    I don’t know what’s going on but there have been a lot of helicopters today!

    It’s overcast and raining today. The temp is +1 C and the daily high forecast is for above zero temps and rain/snow mix for the next couple of days.

  2. pollyann says :

    Salty, I see you have ben decorating. It looks nice!

    • Salty says :

      Hi Polly, Thanks!!
      My plan is to change it every so often. IF, I have time to fuss with it.
      I’m looking for blue Christmassy things but haven’t found anything I like yet.

  3. pollyann says :

    See artist’s rendition of recent sighting! Holy Smoke!! Also see report about geese incident. It was mentioned on Coast News last night.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Polly,
      You beat me to it! LOL!
      I was bored so I checked out Rense a couple of nights ago. I tuned in late. I don’t care about listening Peter or George Filer but I wanted to find out who the Pending guest was going to be in the 3rd hr, anyway it turned out that Peter was on for 2 hours. I heard most of the first hr and some of the boy in the 2nd hr.

      The girls description of the orange object with the symbol of a black circle (sun) in the middle, with wedge shaped things coming out from it ‘striketh fear in my heart’! That’s never happened before!!

      From the girls description it was a bit hard to get a picture in ones mind of what the symbol looked like so near the end Jeff summed it up saying a pizza cut into wedges.

      I would Really like to hear that interview again because as I recall thinking at the time, the symbol = the black circle (sun) with wedges, was raised and the picture in my mind was that the points of the wedges were pointing at the circle. I think the wedges were black too. So, orange craft with the black symbol.

      Also she said that when she looked back at the road the cars that were around her were just gone. She did not see them pass her car but thinks that must be why they were not there. She traveled at 90 – 100 mph for 5 min (10 min?) or more before she seen another vehicle.

      Jeff said maybe he would post the full interview on his site, or Peters, as a free listen instead of just a short clip as he usually does, so I’ve been waiting for that but he still hasn’t. Maybe he changed his mind. I Really hope he posts it.

      • pollyann says :

        Then you have a subconscious recognition of the orange objects. They are familiar to you for some reason.

        • Salty says :

          Hi Polly,
          That’s what I think too. That’s the scariest part. That it must be familiar to me or I wouldn’t feel fear. I don’t have any memories, just the scared feeling.
          The interview with Peter and Chelsea at the link I put earlier has been edited. A lot of it is there though.

  4. Salty says :

    Hi Polly, I found it!!
    I don’t know if this will be here permanently or not so if you are interested in listening to Peter and Chelsea on Rense talking about these orange objects maybe listen/download hour 2 soon. Hour 3 is more of the interview with the boy.

  5. Salty says :

    Hi Polly,
    I just want to say a few words to you about Marcus’ information. I have told you many things over the last 2 – 3 years so you will understand my interest better than others.

    Keeping in mind what tptb have been doing with my identity, mixing it with who knows how many other people, and all the various other things I’ve talked about over the years you can understand (if you’ve listened to the videos) why I’m interested all the details of How they’re doing it, and how they get away with doing it.

    It seems to me that what has been going on in my life, and especially the last few years shows that what he says is true.

    Marcus gives details! He mostly talks about the ‘law’ in United States and Canada but also many things apply to all countries.
    When he mentioned the Commonwealth countries it reminded me of Amitakh, as she calls them “The Five Eyes”.

    I have been doing a search to see what others have to say about his videos and so far I can’t find any negative ones, but I’m sure there must be some.

    I may, or may not, do another post so I’m just putting this link here to what Before It’s News said for a possible future post.

  6. Salty says :

    Duncan says that he has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.
    Also he says that Azazel has been set free.

  7. Salty says :

    Odds and Ends
    1, What a way to start the new year!! I think I have mumps!!!
    Yesterday I noticed that one side of my throat, under my ear was swollen and a wee bit sore to the touch. Today that’s the same but the other side is just starting to swell, it hurts a bit, and my ear is starting to ache. It’s slowly getting worse.

    2, Alex Collier. There are recent comments at this link.

    3, I found this at the link in # 2 above. I heard this before and may have put it in Predictions already. I’ll check later.
    According to Kerry, Richard Alan Miller’s EX wife told him this.
    JPL astrophysicists plan to bug out from jan. 15th onward. At about 58 min.

  8. Salty says :

    Just making a note of this here. It might be interesting.

    Shattering The Matrix.
    Anunnaki Energy Technology & Our Freedom – Michael Tellinger (Sat Jan 11/14.)
    Michael Tellinger joins me on Shattering The Matrix, where he divulges more information about the Stone Circles in South Africa and their connection with the Anunnaki.

    He will speak about what created these circles, what they were used for, Saser technology, the grid over the planet known as The Rules, Adam’s Calendar, the cloning of humankind, the purpose of the donut-shaped stones, the encoding of our DNA and our ability to raise our consciousness and the four different levels of our enslavement.

    Michael will also go more in-depth into Free Energy, the Ubuntu Movement, and how to free humanity from the Matrix!–michael-tellinger

  9. Salty says :

    Today January 16, 2014 just after I woke up the words ‘Mother Shipton” popped into my mind. LOL!! How weird is that??!!! I barely know who she was.

    • pollyann says :

      That is very weird. Mother Ship(ton).

      • Salty says :

        Hi Polly,
        There is quite a bit on the internet about Mother Shipton. Here is one with a possible explanation under each Prophecy.
        In the explanation he mentions 2014
        His masked smile, his false grandeur, Will serve the gods their anger stir And they will send the dragon back To light the sky—his tail will crack. Upon the earth and rend the earth And man shall flee, king, lord and serf.

        {When peace has returned and man is complacent, suddenly an even greater disaster happens. Could this be symbolic of those who escape “The Pit” at the bottom of Great Pyramid in 2005, only to be washed back into it by “The River of Fire” between 2012 to 2014? Is this the famous 3 Days Of Darkness of the Judgment day?}
        Scroll down to where it says in red “The following are prophecies on our future:
        EDIT. I forgot to say.
        Maybe a Mothership is comming. LOL!

  10. Salty says :

    I’ve had these things happen before of course, but, It’s Way over the top today!
    Several times today I have heard a tone in my ears. One ear, then the other, or both at the same time.
    Sometimes my hearing gets dull for a moment then goes back to normal. (not at the same time as the ringing)

  11. Salty says :

    Something different is going on. It started early this month, Jan/14.

    On Coast G N repeatedly plays some songs (bumper music), and ‘some’ of them I liked, or, they got my attention, and some I didn’t like.

    The thing is they sound different to me now.

    At first I thought the reason was because it was a different person singing than before, or a different musician playing but that’s not it, they are the same people.

    I don’t like any of them now They just don’t sound right.

    I don’t know why. I don’t know what this means. I don’t know if things will go back to ‘normal’. Maybe this is my new normal. I don’t know. I just have to wait and see. It’s weird.

    • Salty says :

      I’m just recording this here.
      I downloaded Wynn Free’s book a couple of weeks ago, and I have listened to some of his sessions online. I’m not on the bandwagon, but I am finding that I do sense something, an energy.

      I notice that some of what it says in his book, and in the sessions, is similar to the what Edgar Cayce says, (the words used are different) and Wynn’s material/sessions sometimes expand on what E C has said.

      I have noticed some energetic changes. I don’t know if my comment yesterday (above) is related to Wynn’s material/sessions or not.

      At this point I’m not judging anything, I’m just checking things out and I’ll see how it goes.

      I’m putting a link here to a Post from a few days ago as a reminder to myself of my comment there.

      • Salty says :

        Wednesday, January 29/14.

        Tonight I listened to Wynn’s live Q & A session.

        I’ve never felt anything like this before.
        I felt an energy shift shift a few minutes after it started, about 7 min.
        I felt an electricity like, tingly feeling that started on the left side of the back of my head and slowly made it’s way to the right side, spreading over the top of my head. Later on I felt 2 distinct warm spots form at the back of my head. First the left side, then the right side.

        At one point I felt unusually relaxed.

  12. Salty says :

    Odds and ends.

    Hubby seen an odd looking, fairly large U shaped chemtrail yesterday, and there were 2 small ones in front of it. Never seen a chemtrail shaped like a U before.

    In my Reader, WP News item about the new sharing buttons that was there this AM disappeared from my Reader this afternoon.
    That’s not the first time WP News items have vanished from there.

  13. pollyann says :

    Salty, I don’t have time right now but Courtney Brown has posted Implications Posting #5. I absolutely agree with this posting.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Polly, Do you have the link?

      • pollyann says :

        It’s a public page so anyone *should* be able to view it even if they don’t have a FB account. Can you?

        I’ve been reading the updates all along but that is all. Number 5 is correct, imo. Your thread needs to be updated.

        • Salty says :

          Polly, I can’t see # 5 there at the link you just posted but I found it elsewhere. Thanks again for telling me!

          • pollyann says :

            Scroll down for #5. It’s not at the top. if you still can’t see it, no matter. It’s there. What’s at the top right now is important, too, about all that is going on behind the scenes. Meanwhile, Courtney is calm while others lose their heads.

            • Salty says :

              I just can’t see it there on his Wall. There’s not much there at all that I can see. Maybe only FB members can see it.

              However, I just tried this and it worked. I used the first link you provided, Feb 3/14, and I clicked “Previous” until # 5 showed up. All 5 of them are there.
              Here’s a link to the only place I can see it on fb. C & P into your browser.

    • Salty says :

      Thanks for telling me! I found # 5.A#135

  14. pollyann says :

    Salty, if you want to start a new post at your blog, or just host it here on this page, and talk about your speaking in tongues experiences I will comment. I have to warn you beforehand that I am not interested in any links from the “Google Mind” or any YouTube videos on the subject. It’s up to you. You know what Louis Turi would say — it’s all in your UCI. Lol!! Seriously, I will approach the subject from an intuitive level only.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Polly,
      LOL!!!! Google mind is what most people use!

      What is UCI?
      If that’s universal consciousness / the matrix thing, then that’s only one possibility of what may be coming through when speaking in Tongues.

      Yes I want to discus speaking in Tongues. They are a Real thing, and Powerful!!!

      I do not want to talk about them for the sake of talking. It is getting to the bottom of things that interests me.
      I want to learn new things, and ways of looking at things, and also to relate it to my own current thinking and understanding.
      I want to expand my understanding.

      As I said in my comment on your blog about speaking in Tongues, I speak from Much Personal Experience.

      I already have a Post and we can discuss it there. Is that okay with you?
      To readers of my blog. I do Not label myself as a Christian! Polly knows that.
      Also, I don’t condemn myself for doing so in the past. I learned Much. The good, the bad, and the Very ugly! Organized religion is not for me. Period.

      • pollyann says :

        I would prefer not to comment under that post you already made, otherwise I would have put my initial comment there instead of here. I have become very particular as to what I energetically link myself to on the Internet because I can discern the repercussions.

        UCI = Unique Celestial Identity. I do wonder if there is a common denominator astrologically speaking which manifests in the speaking of tongues. I would not be surprised if there is one.

        • Salty says :

          Hi Polly.
          Re >>> “I have become very particular as to what I energetically link myself to”
          I totally understand what you mean. And good for you! Way to go!

          Another thing is the possible problematical comments from Christians, Fundamentalists or otherwise, that are mad because of linking non Christian Aleister Crowley to speaking in Tongues.
          i can hold my own, but it is Best Not to go there. I want to discuss. I sure don’t want to argue with anyone.

          Okay, I will start a new Post for this discussion.
          I don’t know what to title it.

          How about this >>> “Alternative Esoteric Discussion on Speaking in Tongues”. ?

          Do you have any title ideas?

          • Salty says :

            Polly, What think you about the title?
            You have been following my blog since day one, Jan 4, 2013.
            Do you know what’s up with WP sending me notification of this?

            “pollyann Following Since 2 hours, 19 minutes ago”
            (Pasted here from my Blog Stats page.)

        • Salty says :

          Hi Polly,
          I started a new Page.
          I think your reply to me about UCI is a good one for the new discussion Page so I didn’t reply in hopes that you will put it there.
          Not that I have any big deal insights or anything, it’s that it certainly is worth pondering!


  15. pollyann says :

    Salty, did you listen to any of Dr. Michio Kaku on Coast? I heard much of his segment last night but want to listen again. I thought he was most interesting, more than any other time I’ve heard him.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Polly,
      It’s been a hard few days for us and I’ve been falling asleep early while listening to Coast.
      Last night I don’t think I even heard all the news. I will listen later and give you the link to YT video so you can re-listen.

      Hubby finally seen the surgeon yesterday. She scheduled his surgery for May, I forget which day.
      She (the surgeon) wanted to do a colonoscopy but he refused. She didn’t like that but no way was he going to let her do that in the condition he’s in. I wouldn’t either!
      He’s in so much pain sometimes he has to take little short steps when walking, and sometimes he can hardly move.
      The really bad pain happens more often now, but so far he has still been having some days in between with less pain.

      She said she isn’t going to sew the muscle and would put in a mesh. He wasn’t expecting that so he has to look into the pros and cons.

      Anyway, the thing is that she put on the papers that it was elective surgery.
      That means that the health care coverage will not cover it because she has deemed it to be elective.
      It looks like this Dr is messing around just like all others have in the past.
      Unless the health coverage has changed their rules around elective surgery in the last 3 or so years there is Not going to be surgery for hubby and she made sure of that by calling it’s elective.

      The walk in clinic Dr ordered some tests for Hubby a few weeks ago and they found a miniscule amount of blood in his stool. That’s one reason the surgeon wanted to do the colonoscopy, and wasn’t pleased that he didn’t want that invasive procedure done but he agreed to a CT scan.
      Before she will schedule the CT scan he has to have some blood tests and a 12-lead ECG. I’m not sure exactly what a 12-lead ECG is, but if it’s a stress test then I think that there is quite a wait for one of those, and also long wait for a CT scan.

      Anyway, no CT scan will be scheduled by her until those other test results are in.

      We hope those test and the CT scan can be done in time for May surgery but knowing what wait times are like around here I doubt it.
      Still, she called it elective, and like I said medical coverage does not cover elective surgery and any Dr would know that.

      Our only hope it that the medical plan has changed some rules around elective surgery.

      She told him the same thing the Walkin clinic Dr told him and that is to go to emerg if it won’t go back in. It sounds to us like she has no intention to operate on him, and that scheduling surgery for May was just a pretense.

      He has been so restricted in what he can do because of the hernia. We are praying for a positive outcome to all this, and do our best Not to worry or dwell on anything negative.

  16. Salty says :

    I’m just putting this link to the new smileys here so I can find it easily.

    Smile: Our New Emoticons Have Arrived!

  17. Salty says :

    Ed Dames and Whitley Strieber on Coast To Coast March 17, 2014.
    About the missing Malaysian plane flight 370.

    I’m just noting this here.

    Coast To Coast Am – March 17 2014 – Nature People

    This is the link to Coast’s description of that nights show.

  18. Salty says :

    This is about the missing Malaysia flight 370.

    Below is from a man named John that called into Coast last night March 20, 2014.

    He said that he was a former member of CSIS.

    He said the information has been confirmed by the CIA joint NSA Excalibur satellite which is a classified satellite.

    He said “All we know is that if the pilot was suicidal he wouldn’t have gone to extraordinary lengths to disengage the radar location beacons. The FBI has decoded and retrieved his deleted computer files from his home they have come to realize the simulator was that of landing on a desert sand surface.

    The NSA has a real time satellite that makes Google Earth look like a tinker toy. That has followed the aircraft all along, they have watched it take off and followed it to it’s landing 49 km north west of Kazakhstan (phonetic).
    The pilots are alive. It’s believed at a later date they will be used as hostages to obtain their own means as well as cash.”

    The passengers are alive still and being kept in a warehouse now and they will be used to obtain their means by bartering cash and the release of their own hostages being detained at Guantanamo Bay.

    He says this is reliable information and is classified, the FBI has recently decoded. This was illegally obtained information. A whistleblower has verified that the deleted information from the pilots flight simulator was that of a flight simulation of landing on a desert sand surface.

    G N said that’s great information and said that he is going to have John back.

    I’m taking all this with salt.

    Here’s the link to the show. John’s part at about 1 hr 13 min.
    March 20 2014 – Flight TWA 800 Cover Up & The Red Planet’s UFO’s & Artifacts


  19. Salty says :

    Maybe someone from Google News, and others, listen to Coast To Coast AM.
    It sure seems like it because a lot of the time Coast has guests on talking about one thing or another then it shows up in Google News, and other News too.

  20. Kerry says :

    Greetings Salty; I don’t know if you have been following it at all, but it appears Art is still determined to broadcast in one form or another. Earlier this week he posted this on his FB page:

    “The Bell Family is well indeed! My new show will air from 9PM-1AM PT. If Sirius would free me from my non-compete it would have been 7-10 PT but while I understand both CC and Sirius did what they had to do, Karma is a Bitch. It will Stream for free and Podcasts will be available.”

    Then, because of the skeptical comments pointing out what day it was he posted it, he followed with this:

    “For the record, NO this is not a April fools joke. It will happen either as soon as my non compete is lifted or the moment it is expired. The clock is ticking….”

    • Salty says :

      Hi Kerry!
      I was just thinking about you yesterday. Thanks for the update!! 🙂
      I assume his non complete expires 1 year from when his show first aired. ??
      I don’t really know how these things work. Do you know when it expires?
      Kerry, Regarding >>> …. “but while I understand both CC and Sirius did what they had to do, Karma is a Bitch.”
      If you know then…. Why did they do what they had to do?
      If you could give me a link to where that is explained I’d appreciate it, but don’t bother to go to a bunch of trouble to find it though.

      • Kerry says :

        Hello Salty; I think that that has something to do with how quickly Coast To Coast jumped into that slot after Dark Matter abruptly ended; Ya know; Sirius needed to fill it and C2C wanted the listeners.

        • Salty says :

          Hi Kerry,
          What I remember is that Sirius removed Coast and other programs too, not long after Art started his show, Coast and the other shows were removed, they didn’t have an option to stay. Then after Art left, Sirius put Coast back on. Maybe it was the channel that was removed by Sirius, I don’t remember exactly.
          Art said “Karma is a Bitch.” I thought it might be payback for something he did and I was wondering payback for what. Anyhoo, thanks for replying.


      • kobolila says :

        the latest from Art; looks like he wont be back as soon as he planned…

  21. Salty says :

    Spring is slow coming this year.
    Last year I commented that the trees had the greeny yellow look on March 23/13. This year it was April 4 that they started to bud, and from my vantage point I could see only 2 weeping willow starting to bud.

    It’s been dry here with hardly any rain so far, and a bit cool for this time of year.
    I hardly see any birds, not even crows.

  22. pollyann says :

    Salty, you may or may not find this blog of interest if you have not seen it. If anything, I love the artwork and printed the latest creation. it’s on my wall. I find correlations between what Valiant has to say and other material I have come across over the years plus my own inner sense of things. FWIW. The countdown posts may be noted. Also, the mention of a pulse.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Polly,
      Thanks! I really like Good Spirit!!!
      I’ll check out the blog and Valiant more later. I was offline most of yesterday so I’m catching up today.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Polly,
      I’m just now getting around to reading one of Valiant’s articles. The Clock Strikes Four, May 22/14.

      Those dates he talks about were very important pivotal dates for me.

      • pollyann says :

        I have printed out five pieces of his artwork so far. I really like studying them.

        • Salty says :

          Hi Polly,
          In the “Anakim, Masters, 2014” post, V mentions Big Heads, and that reminded me of Franz Erdl. I haven’t been to his site for many, many moons!

          V says that the ‘Oldest Evil’ played with Big Heads etc.

          Do you happen know who he is referring to as the Big Heads?
          It’s probably not the same as Franz talks about but I’m not familiar enough with V’s material yet to know much at all.

    • pollyann says :

      A note: Valiant’s latest (The Clock Strikes Six) mentions that The Pulse will hit the core of earth and radiate outwards. Also, the drawing of the White Lionman is most interesting to me. He says more Lionmen will be showing up this month.

      • Salty says :

        Hi Polly,
        I’ve been preoccupied, and busy with other things. (regarding my May 27 comment here in confab 4) I didn’t mean to be rude or ignore you!
        I read it but I’m too preoccupied right now and it’s not sticking.
        Things should be more normal around here in a day or two so I’ll talk to you then.
        Good grief!! I see I haven’t even posted anything since June 2nd.

  23. Salty says :

    Odds and ends.

    Hubby had his CT scan and the Dr told him they found three polyps. The Dr said 2 were small but he also had a bigger one and she hoped she would be able to get at it to remove it.

    She scheduled a colonoscopy.

    She got it, and during the colonoscopy she found 7 more polyps and removed a total of 10 polyps.

    I wonder why the other 7 polyps didn’t show up on the CT scan.

    We are waiting for the polyps test results to come back.
    She told him that if the results showed cancer then his Inguinal hernia surgery (early June) would have to be postponed to deal with the cancer first.

    Waiting for the test results is nerve racking! They should be in late this week.

    The past few months have been hard ones but we’re hanging in there.
    I try my best not to let hubby see how worried I really am.

    Anyway, I’m trying to stay focused on a good outcome for everything.

    • pollyann says :

      I am focused on a good outcome, too, Salty.

      • Salty says :

        Hi Polly,
        The polyps test results said No cancer, but the big one was precancerous and the Dr said those flat ones have a tendency to come back, so he has to be tested again in 6 months.
        He had his Inguinal hernia operation on Tuesday and was released from Day Surgery that same day. He is doing good and is able to manage pain with regular strength Tylenol so he’s not even going to fill the prescription for a strong pain reliever the Dr gave him.
        What a relief to have that over with!!
        ! A#135 A#135 A#135
        Hubby is okay and that’s the main thing!!!
        Tptb never stop!!! Their hospital minions were up to the same old same old while he was in the hospital. And now tptb have something new to lie about, mix & confuse with other peoples info, put in someone elses record, etc, etc. New ammo.
        Anyway, he’s home, he’s fine, and we’ll deal with their lying crap one thing at a time as it happens.
        Not that there is anything we can do to make it stop no matter how hard we try.

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