February 2014

My record of experiences for February 2014 are in comments below.

* Everyone, please feel free to comment, share your own experiences, weird happenings, etc.

8 responses to “February 2014”

  1. Salty says :

    An unusual dream.
    As far as I recall I’ve never had a dreams where a certain question is repeated in the dream. It probably means something though, so I’m making note of it here.

    Last night the words “Is it okay if he keeps his house?” was repeated by several different people. I don’t know if it was just one dream or many dreams.

    I’m not sure if it was me on the phone talking to a lady, or if it was my husband talking and me listening to the conversation, but when I heard her say “Is it okay if he keeps his house?” I was Very angry because so many times people had said that.

    It was out of place for her to say that. She wanted an answer to the question first, before she would talk about anything else.
    I don’t recall what the intended subject of the phone call was but it had nothing at all to do with a house!

    Either the dream changed or it was a different dream. We were in an office with the same lady and she wanted either my husband, or I, or both of us to sign papers to say it’s okay for him to keep his house.

    We don’t own a house. We are not anybody’s landlord.

    I was very angry and I couldn’t figure out why all these people were asking “Is it okay if he keeps his house?”!! It makes no sense that anyone would ask either of us this.

    Neither of us have any right to authorize anyone to keep their house. We did not sign papers. I woke up.

    I don’t know who the ‘he’ is that the lady is referring to, and I didn’t know who the ‘he’ was that all the others were referring to.

  2. Salty says :

    February 4, 2014
    Strange energies today. Apathy. Things that I would normally get me Seriously Upset about are only marginally upsetting me.
    A feeling of being damped down.
    Made a really stupid mistake today.
    Thinking processes slowed down.
    It’s like a numbness (drugged feeling) in my head stopping my from functioning normally.

    Mercury goes retrograde on Feb. 6. Just noting this here because Mercury retrograde affects start days before it technically goes retro, and last days after it comes out of retro.
    Maybe Mercury retro has something to do with the way I feel today. ?
    Or from the recent M class flares and CME’s heading this way, or electron flux disturbances. ?
    Or maybe it’s from something else entirely. ?

    • pollyann says :

      I most certainly would have found you and your husband comical while you were trying to figure out what day it was! Well, it makes sense about not being able to find “now” yesterday because retrogrades are always about going back over the so-called past. If there are many overlays of now and past in one’s experience, things could become quite disorienting! Also, If one has a strong affliction regarding the planet Mercury, for example, that affliction energy will be triggered.

  3. Salty says :

    February 9, 2014.
    Today while writing a comment to put on someones blog regarding emails I had a bit of deja vu.

  4. Salty says :

    February 17, 2014.
    This is an update comment regarding my comment in the January Page >>> “Something different is going on”……..
    Things haven’t change, Those same songs still don’t sound right to me. And I am finding that more and more songs don’t sound right.

    Last Saturday on Coast Chris Fleming was one of the guests in the 2nd part of the show.
    I do Not like what I hear in this mans voice, warning bells went off and I took an instant dislike to him.

    I don’t know what words to use to describe what I sense / hear, but my best advice to everyone is don’t listen to his voice because there is something in it, in his voice, that can transfer to listeners. Not good!!

    I’m putting this link here for future reference.
    WARNING!!! Don’t listen. Please use protection first if you choose to listen anyway.
    Coast To Coast Am – February 15 2014 – Demonic Imps. Chris’ part starts at about 43 min

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