Predictions 2015

From time to time I hear predictions made by various people, so to keep track of these I’m starting this new Page.
* This page is not just for me to use, it is for everyone, so feel free to add your own predictions here, or predictions that you find made by other people, as long as they don’t mind that you put them here. Get their permission first.
* Predictions from people doing interviews etc should be okay unless they say otherwise.
* Please provide links to interviews, articles, etc.

3 responses to “Predictions 2015”

  1. Salty says :


    It’s always best to listen to the video (link below) yourself to hear everything she has to say.
    Below is just a brief description.

    Joni Patry calls 2015 “The Year of the Great Awakening”.
    She talks about where there is the greatest darkness there is the greatest light.
    The economy will pick up in January so it’s going to look like a good year but there will be a big change in the economy in the summer months so get ready for some lows.
    Around the time of the January new moon events with mental instability, addictions will surface.
    Things that need to be addressed and healed throughout this coming year. A major pivotal year for the economy both highs and lows.
    This is the month, pretty much this whole year things are going to come out about political control and manipulation of the economy and the people.
    World leaders are going to get stronger and there is going to be major trends and events that will change the country’s and the laws.
    After the eclipses there will be some forward movement in laws and how the people are governed.
    A new year of awakening and of karmic retribution where the truth comes out for everyone in the world.

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