Edgar Cayce’s Mummy Food

It is  is said to be almost a spiritual food. This recipe can be doubled.

1/2 Cup Dates, Dried, Finley Chopped
1/2 Cup Black Mission Figs, Dried, Finley Chopped
1 to 1 1/2 Cups Water
1 Tablespoon Cornmeal, Slightly Heaping.

If you want you can soak dates and figs overnight in water.

Cook over low heat. Bring to slow, low boil. Reduce heat more. Stir constantly for 10+ minutes. Serve with milk or cream if you like. Serves 2 to 4.

Edgar Cayce specified Assyrian figs and Assyrian dates.
Try to use non-GMO cornmeal and filtered water.

5 responses to “Edgar Cayce’s Mummy Food”

  1. vick says :

    I cannot find Assyrian figs or dates anywhere. Could anyone please, suggest a place to buy those?

    • Anonymous says :

      Wikipedia: “The indigenous modern Eastern Aramaic-speaking Assyrian Christian ethnic minority in northern Iraq, north east Syria, southeast Turkey and northwest Iran are the descendants of the ancient Assyrians.” I personally look for Turkish figs and dates.

  2. Michele says :

    Do not trust secondary sources. That is not the original recipe received by Edgar Cayce. The original recipe can be found on Edgar Cayce.org under reading 2050-1.

  3. Anonymous says :

    You cannot change two ingredients out of four and expect to have any effect at all. The recipe calls for milk, not water, and barley, not corn, which they didn’t even have. Simply because your vegan doesn’t give to the right to mislead those trying to improve their health. Idiots

  4. K.h.bennett says :

    This not Edgar’s recipe. His is barley, milk, figs and honey. The vegans got hold of this and modified it to fit their current views. You cannot change three out of the four ingredients and then claim it has any relationship to Cayce or the effects and benefits he indicated.

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