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Kiss your grass-fed beef goodbye! GMO grass about to be approved

Below are only excerpts from the article. Link to the full article is below the excerpts.
……..”We are running out of time to try and get Scott’s from being able to market and sell this latest GMO product. You can sign this petition which will be sent to Hagedorn, along with the CEOs of Lowe’s and Home Depot who are expected to sell the GMO grass.”……
……..”via independent peer reviewed studies to inflammatory, genotoxic, neurotoxic, carcinogenic, and endocrine disrupting diseases, as well as infertility. RoundUp also chelates important minerals from the body, robbing you of your good health.”……


Full scale of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans revealed for first time

Excerpts from the article are below. To read the full article go to the link below the excerpts.
……..”More than five trillion pieces of plastic, collectively weighing nearly 269,000 tonnes, are floating in the world’s oceans, causing damage throughout the food chain, new research has found.”……
……..”You put a net through it for half an hour and there’s more plastic than marine life there,” she said. “It’s hard to visualise the sheer amount, but the weight of it is more than the entire biomass of humans. It’s quite an alarming problem that’s likely to get worse.”……
……..”But researchers predict the volume will increase due to rising production of throwaway plastic, with only 5% of the world’s plastic currently recycled.”……

A mysterious animal ate an entire 9-foot great white shark

Holy Moly!! To gobble a 9 ft shark the ‘super predator’ must have been Huge!!! The article link is below the video.
……………. “The recovered tracking device showed a rapid temperature rise and a sudden 1,900-foot-deep plunge.” ……….

http://www.sott.net/article/280128-A-mysterious-animal-ate-an-entire-9-foot-great-white-shark You may have to scroll down.

Dolphins guide scientists to rescue suicidal girl

Very Cool!!! 🙂
“The dolphins were still feeding in circle near shore, when suddenly, one individual changed direction heading out toward deeper water. A minute later, the rest of the school turned to follow. We were so accustomed to tracking these coastal metropolitan dolphins back and forth within a few hundred meters of the beach, that seeing them abruptly leave a foraging ground and change direction came as a surprise to the research team. I decided to follow them.” …………
………….. “Somewhere near three miles offshore the dolphin group stopped, forming a sort of ring around a dark object in the water.
Somewhere near three miles offshore the dolphin group stopped, forming a sort of ring around a dark object in the water.
“Someone’s in the water!” yelled my assistant, standing up and pointing at the seemingly lifeless body of a girl. For a moment, we were silent. Then, slowly, I maneuvered the boat closer. The girl was pallid and blonde and appeared to be fully clothed. As the boat neared, she feebly turned her head toward us, half-raising her hand as a weak sign for help.
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Earth on brink of sixth great extinction, biologists warn

…………… “Pimm’s study focused on the rate, not the number, of species disappearing from Earth. It calculated a “death rate” of how many species become extinct each year out of 1 million species.” …………
…………… “Now, that death rate is about 100 to 1,000, Pimm said.” …………
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Animal Communicator Anna Talks to a Leopard

This is an awesome story!! 😎