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Jerry Wills, part 1, International UFO conference, Bergen, Norway 2014

Very interesting! Jerry talks about way more than UFO’s. I put links to part 2, Jerry’s radio show, and both his websites under the video.

Radio Friday 7 PM PT. http://jerrywillsshow.com/
Jerry Wills part 2, International UFO conference Bergen, Norway 2014 (http://youtu.be/HEs9XY4yExs)

The Stargate of Aramu Muru


He says the doorway opens with 3 tones.

To watch the 33 minute video go to


Is this ancient stone portal actually a passageway to another dimension… a wormhole generator, built by an ancient and long forgotten race, that can instantly propel you to a location here on Earth, or an exotic world in some distant corner of the universe? Who were they? What did they know that we do not? You come face to face with great secrets here, forgotten knowledge begging to be brought out into the light.

In 1998 Kathy and I had an unbelievable experience at the doorway. We’ve returned with our investigative team to explore the area further, and to discover more about this intriguing place.