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New: The 4 Blood Moons and Prophecy (March 2014)

Mark Biltz is the 2nd guest and his part begins at about 39 minutes.  Edit April 14, 2014. YT has removed some videos. For more on the Blood Moons, and Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri’s prophecy about Ariel Sharon go to the links below the video and scroll down.
* The first Blood Moon is this year, in April 2014.

The Damascus Prophecy & also The 4 Blood Red Moons
* https://saltyme.wordpress.com/2013/09/02/the-damascus-prophecy-also-the-4-blood-red-moons/
What is a Blood Moon? …… Blood Moons in Astronomy
* https://saltyme.wordpress.com/2014/01/23/what-is-a-blood-moon-blood-moons-in-astronomy/
Go to the link below and scroll down to see all Posts here on this blog about Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri’s prophecy about Ariel Sharon.
* https://saltyme.wordpress.com/?s=ariel+sharon
* https://saltyme.wordpress.com/?s=blood+moon

New: Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri’s Prophecy about Ariel Sharon and the Coming of the Messiah Interview January 13, 2014

Carl Gallups is the guest. He has written a book about Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri Prophecy and there is  a movie also.
Carl Gallups website. http://www.carlgallups.com/
For more Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri / Ariel Sharon here on this blog go to
https://saltyme.wordpress.com/?s=Rabbi+Yitzchak+Kaduri+ Scroll down to see all.

Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri’s Prophecy about Ariel Sharon who is in critical condition now

There are 2 articles.
To read the recent article about Ariel Sharon’s health go to
To read articles, and or listen to an interview talking about the Prophecy go to
The interview is in comments.

Prophecies of Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri (Video & Articles)

Rabbi Kaduri said the Messiah will not come until Ariel Sharon dies.
Are they keeping Sharon alive because they don’t want the Messiah to come??
To read an article go to
The Prophetic Predictions by Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri
Another article
Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri prophecy
EDIT January 3/14. Here is a link to a more recent post about this
UPDATE January 11, 2014. Go to