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UPDATE: Sad News For Art Bell’s Return To Internet Streaming (Feb. 11, 2015)

(Links are below) To me this sounds like a lame excuse. Art is not going to do the show because he can’t use bumper music. Some of the commenters on his site have some good ideas. Btw, for any of you that are interested in alternative Jimmy Church has an awesome show! Jimmy left Dark Matter Radio Network a week or two ago. We’ll just have to wait and see how things transpire with Art. Here are both links


NEW: Art Bell’s Announcement (January 30, 2015)

To read Art’s new announcement about his July return go to http://artbell.com/arts-announces-july-return/

Coast to Coast Speaks Out

Below is an excerpt from the article. Link below.
“I was contacted by George Noory,who sent me an email and has subsequently asked to have his side heard. I will certainly honor that request and have offered him time on my radio show to present his side of this controversy.”………

It seems odd to me that George Noory would go to them to have his side heard.
He has his own show and if he wanted to tell his side he could do it there.
We’ll just have to wait and see.

Here’s the link, scroll down a bit to find “Coast to Coast Speaks Out”.
To listen to what George has said about it go to my previous post on Jan 31/14.

Art Bell Tolls for John B. Wells!

To read what Art Bell has to say go to the link below.
Also, FYI. I am putting
links in comments in my “New! – More on John B Wells Leaves Coast To Coast AM —– An Exclusive Interview with John B Wells and an Article” that I Posted on February 7, 2014.
So far there are some links there in comments to interviews of John B after he left Coast, if I find more I’ll put them in comments.

Art Bell
My previous article and the links that are in comments there.

Flashback to 1994 – An Interview with John Hogue by Art Bell

This is the first interview John did with Art Bell. John Hogue describes himself as a “Rogue” scholar. He is a Nostradamus expert and prophecy scholar.

Art Bell’s Dark Matter – Listen for Free Worldwide on Art’s Site.

For more information go to
There is also an audio clip there of Art explaining what’s going on.
* Art has said several times that Sirius has given him everything that he has asked for, so I guess they probably will give him this too.

EDIT November 4 2013. An update is in comments.