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Parents ‘HORRIFIED’ after Botched Vaccination Exposes Six-Year-Old B.C. Girl to HIV

One would think that they would Not let a HIV positive nurse give booster shots but, Yes They Do!!! Imagine the horror this family is going through now!! Northern Health said it “cannot discriminate against a nurse, even one using needles to give booster shots, because he or she may have a blood-borne infection”…..  The family has moved out of town and I don’t blame them, I would too! To read the full article go to
The Province http://tinyurl.com/oa98x6y

UPDATE on Manhunt Underway in B C Canada, Town Still Locked Down

They still haven’t found him. The article (link below) doesn’t mention this, but from initial reports by msm, and from the descriptions of  him by the town people that I seen on TV news, Peter Degroot has a mental illness. He had been living in his van for the past year on the lot that has a small barn on it and he has some animals. He was being evicted by the owner’s son-in-law and that’s what started it. Mr Degroot is a trapper so he’s familiar with the woods and apparently he has military experience. The people that live 2 doors away from him said “”We had no trouble with him. He was soft-spoken and quiet” Except for the area around his home the lock down has been lifted, however, police are still encouraging residents to remain inside. They have been searching for Mr. Degroot since Oct 9/14. The article has more details. To read it go to

Link to the previous article here on my blog about this from Oct 10/14

Horrible! – B.C. Woman Dies Because Pharmacists’ Fail to Check Drug Risks. ‘Alert Fatigue’

The article is Definitely worth reading!!
Do your own homework people! Just because a Dr. prescribes a drug and a pharmacist gives it to you doesn’t mean it’s safe for you to take. The Dr. is at fault too but it’s also up to the pharmacist to check for interactions etc before they dispenses the medication, they didn’t, and now this healthy active 76 yr. old lady is dead. At least ask both your Dr. and pharmacist about possible drug interactions and other alerts!  But still check it out for yourselves because they might not thoroughly check it out. This lady died a horrible death and her son wants people to be aware of what’s going on, and BEWARE! She suffered terribly! Below is only a small excerpt, to read the full article go to the link below it.

………… “A B.C. man is going public to warn others after his mother was killed by an adverse interaction between two prescription drugs, a well-known risk that was overlooked by health professionals she trusted.” ……..
Thank you Mr. Lambert for making it public!
* http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/pharmacists-failure-to-check-drug-risks-leads-to-horrible-death-1.2787185